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Question by Chay: What natural remedies are good for arthritis?
I have inflamatory oesteo arthritis and it is very painful. Any suggestions for some natural remedies?

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Answer by nurse_bennett
Try glucosamine…. works for me.

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  1. ausacitizen said on 26-06-2011

    Glucosamine Sulfate saved my life from arthritis I’m an ironworker and a musician and my hands were going fast Enziamatic therapy are the people that developed G S I thank god for it I traied glucosamine H C by mistake and it did me no good at all I don’t think G S works for everyone but thank god it does work for me RJ

  2. mompoo said on 26-06-2011


  3. Life's Drifts said on 26-06-2011

    Any natural remedy that may be available may not be sufficient for the control of pain associated to inflamatory osteo arthritis.
    I believe that warm or cold compresses of patches may be a good option.
    In this manner you may be able to ambulate with less pain and siffness and exercise your muscles at the same time. Jose

  4. zellparis said on 26-06-2011

    go to the nearest herb shop and get the herb called eyebright

  5. portjeff143 said on 26-06-2011

    I’m not sure where you are from, but here in Canada they have an all natural medicine called “Lakota.” It has been a best-seller for years and years here. I tried Glucosamine but it did nothing for myself, personally. Within 2 days of going on Lakota “Rheumatoid Formula” I was virtually pain-free, it was unbelievable. I stopped taking it the past few weeks to see if it really was the Lakota that was making a difference, and the pain has returned so I am going back out to purchase some more at the local drugstore. If you are a non-Canadian resident, I would still ask your local Pharmacist and check out their website. I know how terrible it is to have an auto-immune disease, especially on a bad flare-up day, and I wish you nothing but the best of luck and best of health.

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