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Pharma Not in Business of Health, Healing, Cures, Wellness

Be My Friend – Ex-Pharma Sales Reps Speaks Out – Pharma Not in Business of Health, Healing, Cures, Wellness. Gwen Olsen spent fifteen years as a pharmaceutical sales rep working for such healthcare giants as Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Abbott Laboratories. She enjoyed a successful, fast-paced career until several conscious-altering experiences began awakening her to the dangers lurking in every American medicine cabinet. Her most poignant lessons, however, came as both victim and survivor of life-threatening adverse drug reactions. After leaving pharmaceutical sales in 2000, Gwen worked in the natural foods industry first as an Account Manager for Nature’s Way, and then as a Regional Sales Manager for Gaia Herbs. She is currently a writer, speaker, and natural health consultant. The United States health care system is killing Americans at an alarming rate, even though we spend over fifteen percent of the Gross National Product (GNP) on health care. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, our health care outcomes ranked only fifteenth among twenty-five industrialized nations worldwide. Adverse effects from prescription drugs have become the third-leading killer of Americans. Only heart disease and cancer claim more lives. We trust our doctors to inform us and our government to protect us from medical malfeasance that may put profits ahead of consumer health and safety. But the fine line walked by the FDA between the

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  1. ImAnElephant89 said on 06-08-2011

    This is why I want to get into the homeopathic and ethnobotany field. These pharmaceutical industries have a financial incentive to keep people sick, and unfortunately, the FDA, FTC, AHA, and the rest of these government agencies don’t care about YOU or your health. As long as they get their money by distributing these poisons, they’re happy. The truth is, is that there ARE safe, natural cures for EVERY DISEASE. The government is doing everything in their power to suppress this information.

  2. hrprada said on 06-08-2011

    I love the passion with which she speaks. Could she please make more videos ?

  3. hrprada said on 06-08-2011

    Spoken like a true champion of humanity.
    When I became 65, Humana/Walmart began to take a strong interest in me as a potential drug customer through Medicare. I already knew that the Medicare bill was written entirely by pharmaceutical lobbysts for the sole benefit of the industry. So how much drug business have I contributed to my Medicare “carriers” ? Zero. How much drug business do I intend to bring as I progress into old age ? Zero.

  4. sunnshine247 said on 06-08-2011

    o and i walk everywhere its not the food or lack of excercise, it is now though.

  5. sunnshine247 said on 06-08-2011

    ya because of our wonderful health care system i fully agree with this lady. let me give you a run down of my excperience. im a single mother with 2 boys . 11 yrs ago when i had my first son the dr;s told me i was suffering with depression after i had my baby . that day has marked a very painful journey locked into this crap , i have gained over 100lbs in a yr. ill be lucky to my kids graduate.

  6. SuperHealthyHealth said on 06-08-2011

    Very informative.

  7. verummossolvovos said on 06-08-2011

    Great acknowledgement of the corruption – another very courageous “whistle-blower”.

    YouTube this title: Chris Rock – Prescription Drugs Joke

    Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves, can free our minds –

    Bob Marley (Feb 6, 1945 — May 11, 1981)

  8. madtownband said on 06-08-2011

    I find it funny that if everyone hates pharmacological company’s and their drugs, why dont they prove it? It takes millions to invest in clinical trials. Why not give us the answers and alternative therapy for free. Instead these pseudo-science quakes make you buy their books and potions that don’t do anything either.

  9. ChaseForACure said on 06-08-2011

    Hi There,
    I have a close friend who has bone cancer and came across THC Oil as a possible solution. I live in Holland so I’m able to make it. I use totally natural Marijuana and 100% alcohol and distill these together. His last checkup showed cancer spread in the bones hasn’t progressed. He also feels a bit better.
    I am not saying this works, but that I am monitoring it and will see. I also see you can’t buy this, which is crazy, so contact me (

  10. Moon4464 said on 06-08-2011

    Chemical imbalance is the biggiest load of shit that we’ve been told by these greedy, lying, criminals.

  11. bfmvshinigami said on 06-08-2011

    @kjcollier1 She has nothing to gain by lying. Try going out in the sun and eating a healthy diet..every wonder why majority of depression and stuff is concentrated generally in western countries. It’s with the diet… there is no chemical imbalance, I would like to challenge you to prove me scientifically that you have a chemical imbalance.

  12. MsJoy4ever said on 06-08-2011

    Excellent Video, this video should have over 10 million views, Thank you for speaking the Truth =)

  13. kjcollier1 said on 06-08-2011

    This women obviously has not suffered with depression that has been passed down in a family. I have gone through depression for most of my life and I now have relief from using antidepressants. I have tried to come off antidepressants and when they cleared my body, I became depressed again. I do exercise, I have done therapy, I have made huge changes in my life, I have a chemical imbalance. Drugs or suicide. hmmmm. Hard choice?

  14. davehutchinson67 said on 06-08-2011

    @Rolco64 we….that’s rather appropriate isn’t it? I have researched this for years and have since moved to a primarily raw food diet. I juice in the am and pm….and eat a few small meals in between…to tell the truth..I’ve lost weight, and have NEVER felt this good inmy adult life.

  15. jerubaal3333 said on 06-08-2011

    Sugar instead!

  16. scotchvelo said on 06-08-2011

    Interesting. Why would antidepressants not be effective for anyone except those with really severe depression? Are they more susceptible to the placebo affect? Seems like the most severely depressed people would be the group that sees the least effectiveness. Just curious.

  17. rawfoodguys said on 06-08-2011

    Great video Gwen! Congratulations for having the courage to face and turn your back to the pharmaceutical industry! We need more people like you! When you come to Los Angeles I would love to do an interview with you.

  18. thegreatsky2011 said on 06-08-2011

    Many experience not good side effect pharmaceutical drug, in-fact many complains related to pharmaceutical drug side effects, BECAUSE THESE DRUGS ARE INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED TO GET YOU SICK, AND THEY EXHIBIT ABSOLUTELY NO SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN BENEFIT WHATSOEVER.

  19. 13teres said on 06-08-2011

    people who want to explore mind body connection see Dr Mona Lisa Schulz web also Louise Hay ‘Heal your body”as well as dr Bruce Lipton

  20. Rolco64 said on 07-08-2011

    @Rolco64 Oh, I’m not calling anybody crazy-i just mean the situation seems nutty.

  21. Rolco64 said on 07-08-2011

    @13teres Nah, no real emotion-just a preference to life-they got us over a barrel–pay or die without-insulin is a hormone not a drug…crazy.

  22. 13teres said on 07-08-2011

    @Rolco64 resolved emotional problems by looking within themselves /see Anita Moorjani interviews./

  23. kdecerbo1 said on 07-08-2011

    LOVE…woman, you are singing my song!!!

  24. motonymph said on 07-08-2011

    Thank you for getting the word out! Can you speak to Type 1 Diabetes treatments?

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