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Tai Chi Chuan 24 Steps Beginners Lesson 1

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  1. MThomasEsqI said on 25-11-2011

    @llenos200 – Thank you for your input. M Thomas

  2. MThomasEsqI said on 25-11-2011

    @gerhardpj – Thank you for your input. The video was created to make it easy for everyone to do. M Thomas

  3. MThomasEsqI said on 25-11-2011

    @TheRahan100 – It is better to get into a daily routine with Tai Chi. It is something that should be practiced with care and should be progressed as the days move forward. The full DVD provides you a 7-day lesson that would be better than this short video. I encourage you to considering purchasing a DVD as that is the best way for you to benefit from Tai Chi. M Thomas

  4. MThomasEsqI said on 25-11-2011

    @jubyvera662 – This video was made for people looking for anything from basic instruction to more advanced. As a beginner, you would find it very helpful. M Thomas

  5. MThomasEsqI said on 25-11-2011

    @selpmax – Tai Chi can bring a lot of benefit to your life. M Thomas

  6. MThomasEsqI said on 25-11-2011

    @selpmax - I’m glad you like it. M Thomas

  7. llenos200 said on 25-11-2011

    thank you very much mr thomas this video really helps a lot **Xie Xie**

  8. gerhardpj said on 25-11-2011

    I ordered the DVD and I am very happy with this buy. The explanations are great, the mirror gives you the necessary perspectives and I am learning faster as with my teacher in the regular class. The only thing that could be improved is the navigation through the lessons. But this is a minor issue compared to the other benefits mentioned before.

  9. TheRahan100 said on 25-11-2011

    @MThomasEsqI I thank you alot Mr.Thomas you are very helpful! Is it wrong if i do these steps by watching this? Thanks alot !!

  10. jubyvera662 said on 25-11-2011

    lol, not a beginner , but nice video .

  11. selpmax said on 25-11-2011

    Nice video, thank you.

  12. MThomasEsqI said on 25-11-2011

    @gladstoner420 – Thank you for the comment. This is precisely why the video was filmed in front of a mirror and I am glad to hear you find it helpful.
    M Thomas

  13. MThomasEsqI said on 25-11-2011

    @GreenEyedAngel3 – This video was created to help those who may not have previous experience practicing Tai Chi. I’m glad the mirror helps as that was my intention. Thank you for your input. M Thomas

  14. gladstoner420 said on 25-11-2011

    I agree! The Mirror is extremely helpful! No split screen!

  15. GreenEyedAngel3 said on 25-11-2011

    Using a mirror in the back is the BEST idea ever! Most instructional videos are just facing forward and so I sometimes get my arms mixed up. Thank you very much!

  16. ideasaretoys said on 25-11-2011

    @charkitte click the textbubble next to the CC icon on the youtube options… 😛

  17. MThomasEsqI said on 25-11-2011

    @orium1 – With any style of Tai Chi or Martial Arts, your feet will meet at some point.
    Thank you for your input.
    – M Thomas

  18. orium1 said on 25-11-2011

    not understanding why unite feet if yo can be knock down if thats an objective.

  19. sizzlethecman said on 25-11-2011

    @charkitte Why not just click the button? It’s not so hard. I believe in you.

  20. MThomasEsqI said on 25-11-2011

    @charkitte-Your are right! The Dialogue box is important, especially to the viewers who want to order a DVD, 187 Tai Chi Color digital images, Tai Chi and You digital book or other aids that are available to help anyone who has intent on improving their Tai Chi as well as their personal mental & physical health. Many viewers compliment the video due to the instructions given to the novice and want to have all 11 parts (as seen on YouTube) on one DVD. Thank you for your input. M.Thomas

  21. charkitte said on 25-11-2011

    I find it very annoying as I am trying to follow the video that these dialogue boxes keep popping up + covering the instructor’s foot work so that I am unable to see what the instructor is doing! I understand that you have an important message to convey but you could place the dialogue box in another place other than right over the instructor’s feet! Just saying!

  22. MThomasEsqI said on 25-11-2011

    @smacdonn – This is only one part of an 11 part series that is available on one (1) Tai Chi DVD. Thank you for your compliment and viewing the video. M. Thomas

  23. smacdonn said on 25-11-2011

    so if buy your video this would be the standard series of Tai Chi moves that my class is probably learning? And, by the way, love your calming voice and how you repeat movements so we get a chance to practice the fluidity.

  24. MThomasEsqI said on 25-11-2011

    @smacdonn – Thank you for viewing this video and the comment about showing this video with the mirror. I felt it was necessary to try and provide a 360 degree view of this instructional video. Thank you – M Thomas

  25. smacdonn said on 25-11-2011

    how great that you use a mirror! hardest part of my beginner tai chi class is when instructor does a full 180 and I end up facing away from her and can’t see what she’s doing!

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