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Fitness: Arm Exercises for Women

Be a Fan on Facebook: if you like this workout featuring my favorite arm exercises routine! Also visit for a library of my other videos, categorized by body part and everything. I don’t usually wear this to the gym EVER but I shot this during a photoshoot at a gym in Boston at like 9 pm on a Friday night. I also had birthday cake like every night before this shoot so please forgive my bday 5 lbs ­čÖé
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  1. cryswest57 said on 29-05-2012

    @SarahsFabChannel I’m pregnant, but I would´╗┐ like to work on my arms. Which of these would you recommend for me?

  2. SarahsFabChannel said on 29-05-2012

    Thank you! ­čÖé I love´╗┐ these arm exercises because they add definition nicely!

  3. rangogrl34 said on 29-05-2012

    I really like Sarah. She’s´╗┐ def in shape but not too skinny looking

  4. callegurl92 said on 29-05-2012

    where are print outs of the exercises located on´╗┐ your webite

  5. Restaurant25 said on 29-05-2012

    Not to sound perverted or anything, but nice´╗┐ headlights :p

  6. Mike duce said on 29-05-2012

    Great video….I myself have ordered this amazing whey protein. Been using for a few months and is considered one of the best! My mom started using it,´╗┐ she loves the results it gave her! Also great for fat burn, just google “Monster Snag” its on sale.

  7. celeste vidal said on 29-05-2012

    Awesome!´╗┐ Thank you girl

  8. jwow145 said on 29-05-2012

    ive done this´╗┐ for like about a month and im seeing progress ­čśÇ

  9. unknown9857 said on 29-05-2012

    I never understood losers like you who fight to the death to defend complete strangers who you’ve never met get a life its a free country and i’ll comment the way i want so with´╗┐ that being said OFF IS THE DIRECTION IN WHICH I WOULD LIKE YOU TO FUCK!

  10. Celina6657 said on 29-05-2012

    NO–there is a BIG difference between putting someone who’s being a jerk in their place and actually BEING a jerk for no reason. You my friend appear to fall in the latter category. I stand by my original comment without´╗┐ hesitation.

  11. MissBlahChick2 said on 29-05-2012

    Start of doing “girl pushups” how you do this is by getting on all fours, then cross your legs. When you are in that position, just do your pushups. If you don’t understand what I mean look up a tutorial on youtube on how to do it XD. Well anyways, this is the easiest way and once you are strong enough you can move on to the “normal or “guy” pushup. lol ´╗┐

  12. unknown9857 said on 29-05-2012

    congrats to you for doing the same´╗┐ exact thing that you jus said i did asshole! ­čÖé

  13. Celina6657 said on 29-05-2012

    Her moves seem fine and safe to me. If you really think you´╗┐ can do it better than her, why don’t you make a video? Some people are just looking to put anyone down to make themselves feel better…it’s pretty pathetic.

  14. bassiieeevideos said on 29-05-2012

    you´╗┐ are a ‘fit’ lady ­čśë

  15. styleishness said on 29-05-2012

    i have a challenge with my friends to do 30 push ups till summer,´╗┐ but i cannot do any of these. any tips?

  16. kristancrawford said on 29-05-2012

    Awesome! Thank you Sarah! Finally a girl who does push ups RIGHT! None of this “going down half-way” junk. ´╗┐ I’m guilty of the “half push-up” before I knew how to do them properly. Great channel and vid!

  17. shadowmyworkout said on 29-05-2012

    Hey thanks so much for your Workout. Check out my wife’s and mine workouts, too. Probably there is some stuff you might be interested in. Have a great day!´╗┐

  18. cindymindy07 said on 29-05-2012

    DEFINITELY can´╗┐ feel the workout, thanks!

  19. YACHiiE said on 29-05-2012

    when i did tricep dips,the next day ma shoulder was paining like anything.its was not muscle´╗┐ pain was kinda joint pain…what might have gone wrong???

  20. kometeusz said on 29-05-2012

    /watch?v=zuATCUxm1m0& workout´╗┐ program with free book

  21. iLove69ingChipmonks said on 29-05-2012

    Hey guys, within´╗┐ a few days, I’ll post a video with effective workouts. Imma girl and my body is nicer than hers…subscribeee

  22. BrittanylovesDasiy said on 29-05-2012

    i have like NO upper body´╗┐ strength O’:

  23. unknown9857 said on 29-05-2012

    you don’t know what your talking about WARNING VIEWERS: don’t listen to everybody with´╗┐ a hot body

  24. YorkGod1 said on 29-05-2012

    she can go´╗┐ up and down on me all day!

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