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If you feel gloomy, worn out or disconnected nearly every day for two years or more, you may be suffering from Chronic Depression. Learn more at:
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  1. BAMFU80 said on 08-05-2012

    i know exactly what u mean. i’ve taken myself off my meds every single time when they stopped working or the side effects just got to be too much. the key is to find a great counselor [which i’ve finally managed to do] and get on some meds without the least amount of side effects and ones u can manage effectively. eventually, most likely several years later, you’ll be able to get off the meds and be able to manage the depression again. good luck.

  2. BAMFU80 said on 08-05-2012

    you’re an idiot

  3. BAMFU80 said on 08-05-2012

    it’s true. it never really truly goes away, you just to a point where u can manage it without it really affecting u. takes years and years of counseling/medication tho.

  4. BTTFPokePirate said on 08-05-2012

    I know about depression because I had it for a while, but I took some medicine for a few months and I feel fine now. I know it doesn’t work like that for most people, but it worked for me.

  5. NeoXF said on 08-05-2012

    Well, sorry for being a bit harsh, just seems that a lot of people are ignorant to how depression ‘works’, or the fact that public people are, you know, people too. After all. I don’t think Jim Carrey is the greatest man to ever live, far from it, but I do believe he has his share of problems with mental health and especially, that he’s one of the funniest people on TV.

  6. BTTFPokePirate said on 08-05-2012

    There isn’t a problem, I just would have never believed it; he’s so fun and weird and cheery all the time. I didn’t mean anything bad by it.

  7. NeoXF said on 08-05-2012


  8. NeoXF said on 08-05-2012

    Yes fuckwad, problem?

    Although I’d be more inclined to define him as manic-depressive.

  9. vernonlean said on 08-05-2012

    I didn’t know women had the mental capability to spark depression.

    I don’t believe women are capable of being depressed. Women are goofy creatures, indeed. They are emotional, but not depressed. Goofy women.

  10. BTTFPokePirate said on 08-05-2012


  11. TheJahful said on 08-05-2012

    All information videos should be like this, informative (some aren’t), to the point and made interesting.

  12. MrPessoa79 said on 08-05-2012

    I too used to suffer from depression but thankfuly things are better now. By the way, I just finished reading a book called Anhedonia by the writer Peter Raposo and its quite funny in a depressive way

  13. lovemarcanthony said on 08-05-2012

    I’ve had this for over 23 years. Meds work for 3 or 4 months then I crash…

  14. MsNessalopez said on 08-05-2012

    This was a great video. If anyone is interested, I am looking for friends to help test a new set of meditation exercises online. Please message me if you’d be willing to help out and I will send you the private link. Thanks!

  15. Aeyioo said on 08-05-2012

    @epjpxlr until recently I would get anxiety attack everyday, I know they suck!. there is 1 simple trick to beating anxiety you must know have a look here:

  16. Emma Hall said on 08-05-2012

    considering that most of these comments are not very positive……i’d like to say that this is a very nice informative video……and ive been depressed for 3 yea

  17. bblade919 said on 08-05-2012

    Okay, if I had two full years of being as depressed as how I feel now… I would of killed myself by now. Jesus…

  18. xaoife07x said on 08-05-2012

    It’s two months or more, not 2 freaking years.

  19. AnneGirl89 said on 08-05-2012

    “Rarely do people with chronic depression recover completely.”
    I resent that statement..
    I recovered and so can others! Therapy did not help me, but it was God who got me out of my depression!! Call out to God and he will answer your prayer! Reject the lies in your head and know there is always hope! God loves you and wants to help you. Please let him!

  20. thehomefront said on 08-05-2012

    I have helped dozens of people to get over this condition and get them back on an even level that they feel they can handle, i’m here if you need advise and help.

  21. blandybo said on 08-05-2012

    I find it hard to believe women have a higher rate of depression, my experience seems otherwise. I think men simply dont report it.

  22. Yanessa89 said on 08-05-2012

    On my channel there is a video collection of work by Argentine philosopher Facundo Cabral. “You are not depressed, you are distracted.” Hope it helps 🙂

  23. WorldwideEvangelism said on 08-05-2012

    Find help here!

  24. DaniTheDeadlyOnex said on 08-05-2012

    @16rosati I’m 13 too! hopefully you get over it soon 🙁

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