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Question by : Why does it seem women are on a perpetual treadmill of self improvement?
I have found that most women are routinely discontent with some part of their being (physical, mental, emotional). And so feel the need to be continuously working on self improvement to the point of exhaustion. Do you notice this as well?
True, but it should not be done under the disposition of discontent. One should approach self improvement with joy, not the feeling of being incomplete.

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Answer by Poodie
Every wise person knows that growth is a lifelong process.

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  1. L said on 05-05-2012

    Haha. You wish. Most of us feel the men are the ones who need to “improve”, not us. Maybe we need to lose a few lbs, but otherwise we’re fine the way we are.

  2. Sandi said on 05-05-2012

    it’s forever

  3. Sarah said on 05-05-2012

    Everyone is. Well, people who hold themselves to a reasonable standard, always trying to make the world around them and within them more meaningful do.

  4. TUTF said on 05-05-2012

    Because women are constantly taught since they are born that they aren’t good enough simply for being female. A male baby is always preferred. As women grow, corporations constantly push more insecurities to get women to buy yet more useless shit. I go on Youtube all the time, and the vast majority of the commericals I get (I’m a female) is something telling me I’m not beautiful enough. Remember, beauty is the ONLY thing that matters about women. If you aren’t beautiful enough, expect not to get married, have kids, or be happy ever, all the multinational corporations chime.

    Men are taught since they are born that they are perfect. And that if others don’t recognize their perfection, the fault lies with everyone else. This is why you will always see those “loser guy needs to lose virginity” movies, which revolve around losing your virginity to a much hotter girl, while ignoring the slightly more plainer ones who throw themselves at you. The real problem is that fact that they have way too high of standards, or not enough ambition to get the girl. The problem is men are never taught to “try” to get the girl. Sure, they are taught to approach, but never to “try.” For instance, they aren’t taught to shave or bathe in order to attract a mate. They simply assume the girl should just fall into their laps. So, men never feel the need to improve since the problem is with all womenkind, not with them.

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