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Push-up Improvement Plan #01 is a comprehensive push-up improvement program that will help you gain lean muscle mass and help you achieve a better push-up score for the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) under FM 21-20 or Army Physical Readiness Test (APRT) under TC 3-22.20. If a civilian, use this exercise program to simply get in the best shape of your life! Perform this drill 2-3 sets each with 3 minutes of rest in between each set on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 4 weeks and witness you double the amount of push-ups that you can do in a 2-minute assessment. HOOAH! *Assumes no association with the US ARMY or the Department of Defense.

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  1. BBoyTakeo said on 28-06-2012

    How low do you have to go when doing push-ups?

  2. imaddictedtowow112 said on 28-06-2012

    @MySportsrule yeahhh cool story bro.

  3. juroSS4 said on 28-06-2012

    respect sir!

  4. jason7456 said on 28-06-2012

    Damn. I am amazed by his push-ups. I couldn’t really do much push ups. But as i train more the more i find myself able to do more than what i have imagined. Now i can do many push-ups(more than 50) as i am still a 16 years old boy. Hahas.

  5. magnetman224 said on 28-06-2012

    This guy is a MACHINE! I use this video for Navy SEALs training, All I need is some Pull up advise and how to improve the dead hang pull ups, I would be honored if a video or a response came by!


  6. TheSisipower said on 28-06-2012

    if i saw him at the street i would run away !!!!!

  7. SADxBOY1 said on 28-06-2012

    man im deicate to do this rutine!!! i nee to improve!! no i just need to get my run down packed

  8. markweistra said on 28-06-2012

    @ LajjfurbZcoolseekerZ … .. .. Bruce Willis indeed!

  9. xVoltagex100 said on 28-06-2012

    screw the resting days im gonna do this everyday.

  10. saintrobbie375 said on 28-06-2012

    15-20% four weeks later? So if I have BMQ in 8 weeks (Canadian Forces) am I looking at 30-40% more?

  11. keigan74 said on 28-06-2012

    i am 13 and i could do 45 is that good anyone?

  12. Virimpa said on 28-06-2012

    Dam, i cant do it like he does!

  13. LordrikZ said on 28-06-2012

    @Got1BlackDog Naw.. he’s fit.

  14. Maidenforlyf said on 28-06-2012

    Hey ur really amazing!! ur vids are really resourceful 😀 may I know the right diet to follow ? Thank you

  15. azhbe said on 28-06-2012

    in the army yeah? dont use ur knees.

  16. LajjfurbZcoolseekerZ said on 28-06-2012

    Bruce Willis!

  17. greatestdirector said on 28-06-2012


  18. TheAverageTeen13 said on 28-06-2012

    So do you do this one time(on that day) or do you do it more than once?

  19. strychnine7777 said on 28-06-2012

    When your doing push ups you should do push ups.. ahahahaha… dammit this guy will own you a decade of push ups.

  20. MySportsrule said on 28-06-2012

    Im 13 and i do 250 push ups but when i saw this i improve to 450 thanks.

  21. FamaS96 said on 28-06-2012

    I Thank You I Does the work out 5 mins. later and i must say IT WORKS !

    I am a 15 year old boy with a good trained body and look for new training exercises

    GOOD JOB !

  22. Nrjaay said on 28-06-2012

    great videi, what wristwatch do you wear?

  23. juniorDUHH said on 28-06-2012

    how should i do my reps to get pure strength?

  24. MultiDean12 said on 28-06-2012

    thanks allot 4 the guide sarge 🙂

  25. GrimeKidManie said on 28-06-2012

    Seems pretty difficult, but i’ll give it a shot.

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