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Question by Zolyshka: Suggest an exercise plan for someone who is just starting to exercise. What types of exercise should they inc?
Suggest an exercise plan for someone who is just starting to exercise. What types of exercise should they include? How long and how frequently should they perform each type?

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Answer by Pregunton
Walking for 20-30 minutes around a park, situps, pushups, jumping jacks but not much cause then you will be so sore..then after you get use to this start to increase your excerises to joggin, or going to the gym

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  1. Calum said on 24-06-2012

    Hi Zolyshka
    The type of exercises that you want to do is really down to personal choice. The basics are push ups, sit ups or crunches, lunges and squats and many kinds of stretching exercises. Do you want to work out with weights. Do you like walking, running, swimming or cycling as these are all good exercise.

    What ever your choice of exercise, if you are just starting out do not do to much to begin with. If you do the basic exercises then only do 5 to 10 of each every other day for the first week and then build up from there. If you are going to walk, run swim or cycle start off with 5 to 10 Min’s the first week and then as before start to build up each week. Make sure you do 5 Min’s of stretching your muscles as warm ups before you start any exercise and then again at the end to warm down.

    So pick your kind of exercise start off slowly then gradually build up from there, you will be flying before you know it.

    I hope this Helps and good luck.

    PS It is always a good thing to get a check up with your Doctor before you start an exercise program.

  2. peter said on 24-06-2012

    the best exercises for beginners or for someone who hasn’t done much for a long time would be to start of with gentle exercises, maybe a leisurely stroll, start with a gentle 20 minute walk 2-3 times a week for a few weeks then as you feel fitter start to walk faster and further, after a couple of months try adding some more exercises like push ups or sit ups, start off with as many as you can manage without hurting yourself and then gradually increase the number of repetitions.
    before you start though see your doctor, explain that you want to start exercising and ask for a checkup to make sure there are no underlying medical conditions that would be made worse by the extra exercises

  3. BB Martin said on 24-06-2012


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