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Question by : Should a national health standard be set and linked to our health records for the National health care plan?
Many people hate Michelle Obama’s food vision for this country but health is the most important aspect of our existence. If we had a certification process for every bit of food and drink like they do for organic food, we wood have a scientifically observable basis on which to manage health.

Can you see any drawbacks?

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Answer by Stan
Nazi Germany… ever hear of it?

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  1. Liddel said on 06-07-2012

    Have you seen Michelle Obama? You can’t tell me that she doesn’t have a late night milkshake going on.


  2. Billy Bob said on 06-07-2012

    Health may well be the most important element in our existence,


    It is None of the Government’s Goddamn Business!

  3. Don M said on 06-07-2012

    The bizarre and frightening schemes liberals dream up to expand the nanny state and chip away at our freedoms are truly amazing.

    An individual’s health choices are between him and his doctor. Let’s keep government out of the kitchen!

  4. I've Heard Enough! said on 06-07-2012

    ” health is the most important aspect of our existence.”

    Actually, I think it’s freedom but that’s just my opinion. Keep the government out of my life and my kitchen.

  5. The One said on 06-07-2012

    Way, way, way too much government.

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