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The eleventh of 15 videos and over 2 hours of footage following Ben Crowe at as he builds a custom guitar from start to finish. The new guitar is pretty much in one piece now and it is time to make the solid padouk backplate that will be recessed into the body. Now, the fun really begins, the guitar is still in its ‘slab’ form and is rather boring so Ben gets out the angle grinder and sanding disks and starts carving the bookmatched bubinga top into a traditional Les Paul type shape. When carving a guitar touch is as important as sight and you’ll see Ben caress the instrument constantly throughout the process The neck carving is pretty scary to watch but you would be surprised just how precise you can be with such a large, and noisy, tool. As with most bespoke guitars built at Crimson Guitars the body is carved with ergonomics in mind and there is an ‘all-access’ neck joint.. needless to say the dust flies!

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  1. CrimsonCustomGuitars said on 31-08-2012

    Using the angle grinder/sanding disk combination is not that hard, I use an 80 grit disk and the touch is really gentle, you don’t have to apply very much pressure at all in general. My favourite way to carve quickly by far.

  2. MopGunZ93 said on 31-08-2012

    how much pressure do you use when using the angle grinder? does the tool tend to bite much?

  3. k3nn311Y said on 31-08-2012

    i love how you give yourself a hand every now and then because you realize that your awesome at your job and that this guitar is going to rock!

  4. RonRay said on 31-08-2012

    Until now, things were pretty technical and could be done by a (good) craftsman; This step however, is pure artistry and demands an experienced touch.
    Your ‘scraps’ would make beautiful knife scales and handles.

  5. DICACIO1 said on 31-08-2012

    Now imagine a famous Rock guitarist breaking this guitar LIVE on stage to prove how rich he is 🙁

  6. Daniel Krishnan said on 31-08-2012

    This channel should be called Crimson Custom Handcrafted Guitars. The amount of awesome workmanship is too high!

  7. gyselboy said on 31-08-2012

    quite impressed with your use of an angle grinder to carve neck and body

  8. Cory Muratalla said on 31-08-2012

    you really know what youre doing! love it! etc. etc. etc. 😀

  9. deucemcallister13 said on 31-08-2012

    I’ve been watchin this from the first episode and I’m almost finished, but I would like to commend you and thank you for posting these. They were very informative and educational.

    This is a hobby that I wish to have soon, but unfortunately, I don’t have access to the proper tools. Regardless…thank you again. Take care!

  10. FreddyVanHalen5150 said on 31-08-2012

    Really enjoying these build videos this morning 🙂

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