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Question by bushmechanic: What is the difference between learning disability and mental health problem?
I want to study mental health at university but my friends think leaning disability is better,what are advantages of studying mental health?

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Answer by Rosiekins
Learning disability is a branch of mental health in general. I’d go with Mental Health if it were me. Learning disabilities can be studied further in the field once taken in the general direction. If you choose just learning disabilities then you are focused mainly on a certain part of the brain rather than the entire brain function. I think it really boils down to what you want to do professionally o_o

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  1. the gurl in socks said on 28-08-2012

    It’s really up to you. You might earn more money specializing in the field of learning disabilities- because you’d be paid by school districts or families that are willing to pay thousands of dollars to test their kid (to get them special services they need, or to help them get into schools “despite” their learning disabilitiy).

    I personally feel that you’ll make a bigger difference in the world by working with the mentally ill- because folks with major mental illness need support- but it’s more challenging and usually less financially rewarding- since these programs are rarely adequately funded.

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