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  1. MusicPortugal1 said on 19-09-2012

    be real with yourself, and go for what you love. be easy on yourself and discover your dreams and passions…as long as it is not illegal (weird/evil/unnatural)…

  2. MusicPortugal1 said on 19-09-2012

    money is amoral….in other words it is not the money that is good or evil, it is just like a brick: it is amoral. you put this in the hands of a human, and it’ll either join to make a hospital, or get thrown thru a window. and, about making money…as long as it is within the law it is ok. the Bible says that if we will not work, then we should not eat.

  3. Dave Grant said on 19-09-2012

    the best

  4. Sur La plage said on 19-09-2012

    And no food out there doesn’t require the ending of some kind of life (except honey). Want me to be sad about that too??? lol

  5. fatlouie65 said on 19-09-2012

    Your videos are truly inspirational. This video was exactly what I needed to hear. Keep up the awesome videos 🙂

  6. johnk6749 said on 19-09-2012

    Life keeps kicking me in the nuts!

  7. serchin4pce said on 19-09-2012

    love, & infinity thanks,
    your like a mother, elder sister , guardian angel of love n knowledge to me,
    all in one.
    sound knowledge n wisdom.
    dreams can come true and will come true,
    It has been more than 45 days now that i have broke my habit of smoking skunk (dangerous cannabis),
    skunk was a my very own hand made mother, n I have let her go,
    all on my own,
    i miss her very much, but i know/understand she is no good for me any more,
    you’ve helped me more than you can ever imagine,

  8. TheMightySeriousDude said on 19-09-2012

    No consumption – no money circulation – no jobs – even less consumption… you get the idea. There is no possible way we can do this on a planet with finite resources. I highly encourage you to watch this video: watch?v=nOO_AVwfZ9Q
    By the way I love your videos + you’re absolutely gorgeous.

  9. TheMightySeriousDude said on 19-09-2012

    I have to agree with Tomas Anderson. The monetary system is the root of all evil. You speak a lot about what the drug companies are doing and the toxins in our environment ect. but you don’t put all of the dots together. If everyone was healthy and we lived in a sustainable economy that would result in massive unemployment and thus the collapse of the system. This system fuels on scarcity and frustration, it needs constant consumption to sustain itself.

  10. Thomas Anderson said on 19-09-2012

    The reward for your work should be the the feeling of accomplishment you get from knowing you contribute with something to the community. NOT money. Money is just another kind of control. Another form of unjustifiable belief, like religion and politics. Just another ancient remnant that is kept artificially alive because it’s so good at controlling the masses. I would urge anyone to watch America: Freedom to Fascism, a must see documentary by Aaron Russo. Then we can talk about money.

  11. sirenneiu1983 said on 19-09-2012

    I liked that part about *saving baby seal* :):):)

  12. Ed Sedgwick said on 19-09-2012

    I love this channel and I think that Corrina is very motivational. Self Compassion is really vital. We can’t show compassion to anyone until we learn to show nurture-love to ourselves. USA – universal self acceptance as Ellis would say… balanced with UOA – universal other acceptance. Showing true love to ourselves doesn’t mean giving up to resistance. To grow we need to stretch our roots into the soil and let our branches suck in the air.

  13. mikagekamio said on 19-09-2012

    thanks so much Corrina, this is just what I needed =) I think this is the best video you’ve made

  14. Mickey Tardust said on 19-09-2012

    Thanks Corrina! Great video. Silly me, I thought you just modeled for the massage videos. Really good stuff!

  15. supahfreeak said on 20-09-2012

    Always grateful for your insights, Corrina. I just downloaded that book on Audible, can’t wait to check it out.

  16. Peristerygr said on 20-09-2012

    Same with me! Only in my case I catch myself forgeting my dreams! I mean forgeting what my dreams of life are!

  17. hotdrumchick said on 20-09-2012

    I’ve been out of work for almost two years. I’ve slowed down looking for work in this past year because I had only two interview calls, and I could paper the walls in my bathroom with all the “Dear Jane” e-mails. You could say I have a fear of more rejection.

  18. Ernstly930 said on 20-09-2012

    The other day I didn’t go out downtown with a friend because I was afraid of soicalizing and the downtown scene. Instead of forcing myself I just stayed home. I hope this is a want I have that can be worked through….After all, I’ve heard you say socializing and connecting with other people is a big deal in life…

  19. mizdail1 said on 20-09-2012

    Love it!

  20. hotdrumchick said on 20-09-2012

    Not so much change something,……more like turn back the hands of time and start things over.
    Anyone out there who has gone thru life having no regrets, you’re awesome!

  21. Jclownwalk said on 20-09-2012

    lmao i was thinking the same thing

  22. f581474x said on 20-09-2012

    You boobs Give me the courage to comment. Its because of our nice Boobs. All I have to say is thank you.

  23. BrainUnderPressure said on 20-09-2012

    Mamy your legs is so hot

  24. MrKyja72 said on 20-09-2012

    oh man I sure do love you ! So brilliant.

  25. Alon Perel said on 20-09-2012

    Nonesense, BALLZ TO THE WALL. HIT IT HARD, HIT IT WITH ALL YOU GOT. Starved myself for a month, 4kg weight loss. muscle loss? water loss? prolly. however, motivation? TO DA MAX. after that month, each day GYM, EACH DAY RUNNING! BALLZ TO THE WALL BITCHES. SET GOALS, SET STANDARDS, HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE. Feel weak? Feel lazy? Split your personality into two, your mean side is liek ths “o rly? you lazy bitch, why dont you kill yourself? you pathetic loser” sudenly, you wanna go and not be lazy

  26. KarolGirotto said on 02-10-2012

    I wish I found your site a few months ago when I relaly needed to tell someone to fuck off! lol You have the best greeting cards I ever saw but not for every occasion.

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