Make Your Life Better!

In this new version of Lesson 7, we look at health and exercise.
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  1. salem hassan said on 09-10-2012

     thank you ms duncan you are good teacher

  2. Buket Topbas said on 09-10-2012

    thanks, after english ı will start to learn your language :)))))

  3. wisdom358 said on 09-10-2012

    Hello dear Misterduncan! Thank you so much for your genious way of teaching English! I am using your brilliant videos as an additional material for my students. With deep gratitude your devoted subscriber.

  4. Phòng Vũ said on 09-10-2012

    very much

  5. Farid Ratni said on 09-10-2012

    This is a very nice video Thank you very much for your hard work, you are a great teacher

  6. TheKpocelueva said on 09-10-2012


  7. nabilouss said on 09-10-2012

    thank you so much

  8. Amr Ali said on 09-10-2012

    Thank you Mr

  9. jackelineandrade said on 09-10-2012



  10. tuasguampa said on 09-10-2012

    The boy at the beginning of the video is brazilian as I am, so I can tell you that the word he says at the end is “tchau”, portuguese form for “goodbye”, or even “ciao”, which is also said by Italians as a greeting. By the way, greetings from Brazil:)

  11. Ruda Alrubiaee said on 09-10-2012

    I dont understand what can that mean
    please explane that

  12. lelelisandro said on 09-10-2012

    i’m from brazil ²

  13. Joseph Park said on 09-10-2012

    now they are 42

  14. waheed saadut said on 09-10-2012

    Thank Your Mr Duncan

  15. hạnh phùng said on 09-10-2012

    going out on a fine day for a spot of excersie is the best way to keep your body in good condition that is true. I used to walking in every evening which makes me very comfortable and relax. But now I’m not time

  16. tabukboys said on 10-10-2012

    Thank you so much mr duncan

  17. Zhaoyan Zhang said on 10-10-2012

    thank you Misterduncan!

  18. zhuo Lee said on 10-10-2012

    There are so many new words for me in this lesson …………

  19. gujunchao2012 said on 10-10-2012

    Thank you Mr Duncan.I’ll keep watching these interesting videos.This is Gu from China.

  20. Chung Anh Lê said on 10-10-2012

    I think word “Ciao” is from Vietnamese. means “Chào” (hello or goodbye). no need to ask because I’m Vietnamese 😉

  21. antony gonçalves said on 10-10-2012

    hi mister Duncan! I’m Brazilian and I have really problems in hear natives speaking. I think I am a few better, but could you help me to learn better? 

  22. Dalia930 said on 10-10-2012

    Thank you for your lessons, They are very interesting!

  23. nicemexican87 said on 10-10-2012

    Thank you ever so much for this wonderful lesson Mr. Duncan I´m learning English very well with you. You are so good at teaching, you explain very well.

  24. Oyukarom said on 10-10-2012

    Thank you, Misterduncan!

  25. Paven Luc said on 10-10-2012

    in Viet Nam “Chào” mean hello or bye.

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