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Question by SC: What is the education requirement difference between a neuropsychologist and psychologist?
I was wondering, what is the difference between the education needed to become a neuropsychologist vs. a psychologist? I know there is obviously a difference, and I’d lie to know how much more education one needs to be a neuropsychologist. Are there more science-based classes that need to be taken? I want to be a neuropsychologist, but I don’t know how much more I would have to do in school. If it’s as much as a doctor, then I definately won’t. Thanks so much.

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Answer by learning curve
no, it’s the same as a psychologist (PhD or PsyD) but with specialized training in neuropsychology. if you can find a PhD program in neuropsychology, so much the better. otherwise a post doctoral fellowship with a neuropsychologist supervising will suffice. good luck!

in grad school, if you are in a regular clinical (i.e. not a neuropsych) program, you may want to focus more classes in neuroanatomy, physiology, etc. rather than the classes oriented more toward counseling.

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  1. psychgrad said on 20-10-2012

    The training is different. You want to find a school that has a neuropsychology specialization and ensure that you take classes on physiological psychology, neuroanatomy, neuropsychological testing, and psychopharmacology.. You should also obtain a predoctoral internship in neuropsychology that is APA or CPA accredited. After you graduate, you will need a postdoctoral neuropsychology residency or fellowship.
    For all the educational requirements and skills needed, go to this website:

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