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Healthy Ramen Recipe- BenjiManTV Subscribe 4 Food- ‪ Food, Follow Me- ‪ Healthy Ramen Recipe 1. Add Protein- protein will balance out the high amount of carbs in the noodles. – Chicken – Steak (Beef) – Pork – Seafood – Tofu 2. Add Vegetables- Ramen from packages typically are missing nutrients so adding vegetables adds a depth of health that make this a more balanced meal or snack. – Onions – Bell peppers – Mushrooms – Broccoli – Carrots – Cabbage – Herbs – Bean Sprouts 3. Reduce Sodium (Salt)- Packaged Ramen often of a high amount of sodium and the quality of sodium is not desirable for a healthy balanced diet. Cut out half the flavor packets and substitute it with spice (hot peppers or hot sauce) or your own high quality Sea Salt when eating. I love food, life, and everything about people!!! Travel, cooking, and especially eating are my favorite things to do other than hanging out with my woman ItsJudyTime. If you love food make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more videos on fun food stuff and cooking recipes. Benji’s Food Channel- BenjiManTV ‪ ‬ Judy’s Main Channel- ItsJudyTime ‪ Judy and Benji’s Vlog- ItsJudysLife ‪ shin raymun, ramen, top ramen, ramen recipe, recipe, youtube cooking, food battle, dinner,cook, cooking, how to cook, fast, food, quick, easy, breakfast, how to, diy, foods, drinks, weight loss, benji, benjimantv, benji man tv, judy, itsjudyslife, itsjudytime, youtube, food guy
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  1. kemartini said on 06-11-2012

    Looks amazing can’t wait to try it!

  2. ladylori13 said on 06-11-2012

    Can you please make a vegetarian dish. For the vegetarian viewers (:

  3. NenaBelle305 said on 06-11-2012

    Love your idea I hate just the traditional flavors of ramen this keeps them a lil healthier and,less boring

  4. RecklessBeauty0912 said on 06-11-2012

    Benji can you make buckeyes? they taste awesome but i don’t know how to make them.

  5. mrb0917 said on 06-11-2012

    shin ramen has an ingredient that causes cancer..banned here in the philippihes

  6. annie feng said on 06-11-2012

    Poaching eggs

  7. misskimaru said on 06-11-2012

    i think it would be more helpful if u video the whole cooking from beginning to end

  8. ClaudiaSaves said on 07-11-2012

    Congratulations Benji for Julianna!  You and Judy are so blessed.

  9. Clarissa Garcia said on 07-11-2012


  10. srizu ale said on 07-11-2012

    Love shin ramen :3

  11. lovevsabsence said on 07-11-2012

    no, shin ramen is safe to consume. shin is the manufacturing name and six of their noodles are unsafe.

  12. Jecay Quinto said on 07-11-2012

    Benji, SHIN RAMEN’s banned here at Philippines due to it has CARCINOGENS which causes CANCER.

  13. Carina Cano said on 07-11-2012

    OMG looks muy rico!!!!! <3 I need some filipino friends (: 

  14. sarababe74 said on 07-11-2012

    Hi Benji, did you add the broccoli raw? Just wondering if it should be steamed first or if it doesn’t matter. Thanks 🙂

  15. heily18 said on 07-11-2012

    i just watched a video from say (saytiocoartillero) , and she said that shin ramen has been pulled out of korea, because it has something that causes cancer. look at her oct 29 vlog.

  16. viyun said on 07-11-2012

    it also helps to rinse the noodles after you boil it to get the waxy coating off : )

  17. maddamgingerkitty said on 07-11-2012

    can you make a Japanese beef bowl tutorial Pretty pretty please please please

  18. Lac31250 said on 07-11-2012

    Awesome video Benji!!!

  19. aGamerWorld said on 07-11-2012

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  20. MsMakeupisart said on 07-11-2012

    Nacho recipe! Please

  21. Cynthia Gastelum said on 07-11-2012


  22. Happyasme2 said on 07-11-2012

    I’m so stoked! I was ref to it’s judys life by gflowers on YT n now I’m watching n subscribed to ur chnl. I’m looking forward to trying some of ur recipes ! Also, I am searching desperately for Tim Tams! Can’t find them anywhere in Atl, GA. I will have to order them on line I guess! Thank u guys for the inspiration! U do good work. 😉 lol

  23. amasayspfft said on 07-11-2012

    “i like to top it off with a little bit of green onion…” *grabs two handfuls* LOL how can you eat that much green onion? the flavor is way too strong for me to eat it raw at all.

  24. Santric03 said on 07-11-2012

    I absolutely love this reciepe, Benji! I have been on a Ramen noodle kick lately and always trying to find ways to jazz it up to make it different. Thanks for sharing

  25. MizzzLily said on 07-11-2012

    Video on your nacho cheese.

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