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Question by Kathy: I am looking for home remedies for acne that work fast or overtime?
I have acne and I’ve tried a lot of creams that are sold, and they help to some degree, but I want to try home remedies. I’ve looked tons up, but I hear most home remedies are myths. Any suggestions that worked for you?

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Answer by Bibby
Diluted tea tree oil can work as an astringent and/or Lemon juice as a toner.
Both can be applied to the face gently with cotton balls, preferably at night (both liquids can have a somewhat strong smell).

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  1. Emily said on 19-11-2012

    You’re not alone! One home remedy that helps with very persistent acne is to wash my face every morning with toothpaste. I know it sounds weird, but it works! Another tip: If you have a huge zit and you have a important event the next day and you want to get rid of it, put a dab of toothpaste on it and go to sleep. It’ll disappear overnight! (any toothpaste will work)
    Greetings from California!

  2. Joshua said on 19-11-2012

    Toothpaste works ok. I uesed it on a pimple,in the mornig and it went down 50% by noon

  3. Zaira said on 19-11-2012

    Lemon juice can also be drank to get rid of acne overnight. By simply drinking several glasses of lemon juice per day, you’ll feel your skin really improve in health and vitality. The vitamins in lemon juice help to shed the dead skin cells quicker, which clears the pores in your skin quicker.

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