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Question by Atheist Intellect: What is the difference between a good religion and a bad religion?
It should be obvious that I think all religions are wrong. I don’t, however think that religion is bad in all respects. It can give people a moral base and give people direction in life. For the most part however, I believe that things that aren’t or can’t be proven should be set aside until proven. I believe that filling people’s heads with unprovable theories is generally a poor way to deal with problems.
What does everyone think makes a particular religion more worthy of being accepted in society than another?

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Answer by Nesan
Nazi = bad
Others= good

What do you think? Answer below!

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  1. Derby, from Planet Gakkouky said on 17-01-2013

    Bad = All
    Good = Freedom of thinking

  2. Patty said on 17-01-2013

    Oh no now you’ve done it!

  3. True Objective Realism said on 17-01-2013

    Any religion which ever promotes violence or believing in dogmatic myths is bad, so yes, almost all of them are bad.

  4. Brian said on 17-01-2013

    There is no such thing as a good religion, so it’s a huge difference.

  5. J.G.A said on 17-01-2013

    its fruit what comes out of it whether its good or bad

  6. Jeff Spicoli said on 17-01-2013

    “Bad Religion” is an awesome band. I never heard of good religion.

  7. ♥ Deen ♥ said on 17-01-2013

    well thats your oppinion,
    we all have diferent opinions.
    and i respect yours.
    have a great dayy.

  8. Knowledge said on 17-01-2013

    funny thing is you can still have morals, truth ,faith, peace, Jesus.. etc etc. without having religion. religion is like using a box to hold air.

  9. sailormandave said on 17-01-2013

    I didn’t know a religion could be good.

    Seriously – I think one thing that makes a religion better is that it stays within it’s membership and does try to limit other people’s freedoms based on it’s belief system.

  10. shahidameen said on 17-01-2013

    The good religion believes that The Lord Jesus Christ has died for the sins of the sinners and rose again

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