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BBC Panorama The Secrets of Scientology (Complete)

ORIGIN OF SCIENTOLOGY EARLY HISTORY The first official Church of Scientology was founded in 1953 by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, in the city of Camden, New Jersey. Hubbard was assisted by his wife and several disciples. The organization promotes a set of beliefs about mind, body, and spirit that are referred to collectively as Scientology. This belief system includes substantial material from the self-help regimen prescribed in Hubbard’s commercially successful book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, published in 1950. WHO WAS L. RON HUBBARD? Born in Nebraska, L. Ron Hubbard studied civil engineering at George Washington University for one year before being discharged for poor academic performance. During his service as a naval officer during World War II he was three times removed from leadership positions and was the subject of a disciplinary hearing, but was discharged honorably in 1950. Until the publication of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, Hubbard was primarily known as a science fiction writer. He spent most of his adult life promoting Dianetics and Scientology. He returned only briefly to writing science fiction during the latter years of his life. L. Ron Hubbard died in 1986. SCIENTOLOGY BELIEFS Scientology is based on a self-help regimen described in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, by L. Ron Hubbard. Dianetics is known within the scientology organization as “Book 1″; however, all of Hubbard’s written and

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  1. Derry O' Connor said on 14-02-2013

    A six year old child was separated from her family by scientology and made carry huge rocks all day because they believe all people are reincarnations of billion year old people stop scientology stop the pain

  2. AwesomayStudios said on 14-02-2013

    Oh and you have to pay to take a test to be in the religion

  3. AwesomayStudios said on 14-02-2013

    Scientology sucks and it’s all a bunch of alien crap made from a science-fiction writer

  4. heron bone said on 14-02-2013

    All religions make millions and billions what the feck are you talking about.its all about money,dumb ass.

  5. 84lokito said on 14-02-2013

    A petition for “Revoke the Tax-Exempt Status of the Church of Scientology” – please sign it, thank you!

    petitiononline [dot] com/taxdacos/petition [dot] html

  6. rondon9897 said on 14-02-2013


  7. PHarrierFan said on 14-02-2013

    I look forward to the day when Scientology is no more.

    Anyone who’s interested in the latest developments in the “church” should check out Tony Ortega’s (frequently updated) blog.

  8. Jessica Sideways said on 14-02-2013

    Wait, Scientology does have a god! L. Ron Hubbard! ;-P

    Seriously though, that alien story makes it just as crazy as the theistic religions that pervade the world.

  9. bigfletch8 said on 14-02-2013

    You need to brush up on your history of religion in general. Past life karma (reaping and sowing in the “modern” Christian interpretation), is fundamental to all the worlds major religions. Even science acknowledges cause and effect (equal and opposite action/reaction), and of course,the fundamentals of quantum science also validate the same principle. Higgs boson demonstrates “symmetry” at THE most profound level.
    Little ghosts?tell that to mainstream psychologists who use Dianetics(regression)

  10. bigfletch8 said on 14-02-2013

    …and the beat goes on. A true visionary (LRH), starts an organisation, dies, then the organisation is taken over, completely reversing the basic tenets of the originator. Would JC approve of the Vatican and its obscene wealth?
    Even the top defectors have confidence in the basics of the movement, because they have seen the benefits first hand. Reformation anyone ???

  11. Timothy Leigh said on 14-02-2013

    Captkirk – that’s an appropriate username for somebody who quite obviously follows a science fiction based cult. You’d be far better served by simply becoming a trekkie.

  12. iShr0O0ms said on 14-02-2013


  13. Kia jett said on 14-02-2013

    Scientology aliens all need to head off to the mother ship now … leave the battling families alone …. religion does not equal money faith is not profitable

  14. Lone432345 said on 14-02-2013

    Scientology has no God. But they Believe little Ghosts are causing all your problems. And if you remove these Ghosts from your body. You can move shit from your mind. Again this comes from a Bad Science Fiction Writer.

  15. beginization said on 14-02-2013

    Thats a tax question for which country your in, most become non profits or trust funds, Dawkins is a foundation, if in america you can claim because of religion I guess as US supreme court ruled on it, you can always google anything I say but I just find what Dawkins is peddling is not atheism as I was once one, science should be the last place people play politics on young minds

  16. visno said on 14-02-2013

    citation needed for tax breaks. because as far as i am aware this is not true because atheism is not a religion or organization by definition, and thus not eligible for tax exemption.

  17. Jessica Sideways said on 14-02-2013

    Of course the Cult of $cientology would have a skewed view on public relations. Consider their previous and current spokespeople: Karen Pouw, Tommy Davis, Mike Rinder, Heber Jentzsch… I could go on. They all look and sound like real pricks when addressing the media. Hell, even Rinder, looking at a previous clip of him defending the cult admits that he looks like a real scumbag (his word was sleazeball).

  18. beginization said on 14-02-2013

    Yes but now your finally accepted as a religion it will spread to other nations and you wont have to keep denying it not a faith or belief.
    Does scientology have a god as I dont know much about it really as I never gave it any thought, but why is everyones religion so important for atheist to learn straight away as Dawkins is obsessed. So many new atheist types like this reporter and Dawkins get so angry at other societies in the world that have a different view of the world.

  19. MrBiszkopty said on 14-02-2013

    Not everyone lives in United States bubble;]

  20. beginization said on 14-02-2013

    Atheism has the same tax breaks as religion now, the US supreme court has ruled atheism as a religion too.
    The interviewer is a nut, who could trust his views as they seem clouded with hate.

  21. TheNeptix said on 14-02-2013

    scientology have never made a country war!

  22. job gob said on 14-02-2013

    I get it, this is made perfectly lol scientology needs to be a major world religion they are combating the greatest scam in world history, and self confidence allways needs trolls if you make the dicition to break that control you need help, honest help.

  23. job gob said on 14-02-2013

    science of “tralllalalalollestry”

  24. job gob said on 14-02-2013

    ahahaha homeboy got tragicly trolled in first 2mins lol

  25. winston smith said on 14-02-2013

    All right, it gets better.. I found the beginning a bit hard to sit through. Some of those Church guys are scary automatons, man wow..
    Once you get involved with a group that puts you at odds with yourself, the world, and/or your family, you should know that despite whatever positive things you may think youre gaining, or actually are gaining from it,, know youre going down a bad, potentially harmful, path..And those things can still be yours without paying COS’s absurd fees

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