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Question by isaiah: What are the natural remedies to treat acne?

can anyone suggest me natural remedies to cure acne?

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Answer by ?
yeh,there are many fruits to get cure of acne use
use these fruit juice can cure from acne.
use chandan(sandahwood) with honey and milk to great result.
alovera also good for acne..
Try to plantey of carrot…vitamin a has work as antitoxin for acne.
avoid milk product and sweets it cause breakout.
Finaly take the vapour of warm water it realy help…drink 4 litter of watter per day
trust me I collect to treat acne and it works in 15 days.

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  1. Wayne said on 28-02-2013

    Keep the area clean. clean the pours with a good over the counter product

  2. ? said on 28-02-2013

    To have long term acne treatment, you must ATTACK ACNE at the Root. Acne is triggered when excessive oil, toxins, and dead skin cells plug up your pores, which provide a perfect breeding ground for the acne bacteria to thrive.

    So, to prevent acne, you must follow proper skin care, dieting habits, and life style habits to keep the oil production under control and prevent your pores from being clogged. An out of balance hormone is the main cause of excessive oil production. So what can throw your hormone out of whack? It’s the unhealthy food and unhealthy lifestyle. So try to reduce stress, cut down on greasy, sugary, fried, alcohol, and processed food. Additionally, follow proper skin care to keep your skin clean.

    Want to know why some people suffer from acne and some don’t? The people that don’t have acne happen to have a strong liver and kidney, which help to better filter out toxins and keep your hormone in balance. The rest of us who suffer from acne genetically have a weaker liver/kidney system. That’s why we must be more careful when it comes to food, lifestyle, and skincare.

    But if we are disciplined and follow healthy lifestyle, eating habits, and skin care, we will realize not only beautiful skin but a healthy body and mind as well…All drugs free!

    Refer to the article below for more info.

  3. Dawn Elite said on 28-02-2013

    Have you do some sort research?

    Actually you can easily find information related to natural remedies to treat acne on search engine like google or Yahoo.

    Back to the question, natural remedies for acne is not always proven as effective ways to cure acne as it’s not always works well for some peoples, however give it try to do home remedies for acne. Combine it with your medical option from dermatologist or medical advices.

    Some of well known natural remedies for acne problems :

    – Eat more fruits and vegetables – They are good for your skin.
    – Consume more vitamin A as it strengthens the protective tissue of the skin and actually prevents acne
    – Honey mask – Apply it on your face once a week
    – Wash your face with lemon water once a week
    – And many more

    Here for my recommendation

    – Keep your mind calm without stress can help to prevent acne
    – Maintain balance and health diet food
    – Make sure your face clean, wash it everytime, this can help prevent and fight bacteria which causing acne

    Another ways is visit dermatologist, or try over counter medicine such as pro-active, accutane, etc. Here for good list of acne medicine from

    However, make sure you are don’t have allergic to cosmetics and drugs, sometimes acne can be caused by cosmetics or any other face- beauty product.

    Or try Mike’s acne no more programs, cure acne without medicine. Good testimonial from peoples :

    Good luck

  4. Nature_Girl said on 28-02-2013

    Jojoba oil is particularly good for skincare. It penetrates into the skin and does not clog pores. It can be used on all skin types. It contains vitamin E and antioxidants which are great for fighting aging signs and moisturizing the skin. In addition it is also antibacterial making it great for treating acne breakouts.

    Using Tea Tree Essential oil it has great on acne as it has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Simply put a couple of drops on a cotton bud and dot onto each spot. Don’t use it over your entire face as it can irritate the skin for some people.

    Lavender Essential oil has well known antifungal and antiseptic properties and is widely used in treating acne. For that stubborn pimples lavender can be applied neat using a cotton bud or pad. Redness, swelling and irritation will be dramatically reduced. Though better used in dilution for larger areas, I would recommend between 10-20 drops of essential oil to 50ml of carrier oil such as sweet almond or jojoba oil.

    Hope this helps!

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