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Dr. Phil Valentine University of Kemetian Sciences The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders R&B Singer Houston Gouges Eye Out After Apparent Suicide Attempt Will Humans Be Secretly Microchipped Through Bird Flu Vaccines That Will Be Mandated On The Population? Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics
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  1. matrixmaster79 said on 12-03-2013

    Stay the hell away from churches, churches are a negro round up quarantine. They get tax breaks and other ammenities for a reason, If I need a man in a suit on Sunday to talk to my God, then why was I given a soul?

  2. matrixmaster79 said on 12-03-2013

    You are only as powerful as your mind, your mind is only as powerful as the food you eat, everytime you buy foods, research the ingredients, trust me , you will never walk into a grocery store again. Think iam lying? Why are people in Calif going to jail for growing gardens on their own private property?

  3. matrixmaster79 said on 12-03-2013

    You have nothing to fear but fear itself. This whole existance is fear based, fear leads to servitude, our fear is their food. Take away our fear, you take away their food, take away their food, they die. We win.

  4. matrixmaster79 said on 12-03-2013

    As people of Melanin, a point will come where we will have to leave this society altogether, they will not reform. It is not genetically a possibility with them. When you accept that , your voyage and burden becomes easier.

  5. SolomonTDS said on 12-03-2013

    Hey brother. Do you have the video were the Dr. Phil Valentine is talking about the non human soulless “hollow walkers”?

  6. Leanyse1976 said on 12-03-2013

    SIMS…an acronym for a monitoring system…SIMS…A game in which you create characters and then monitor their behavior…CREEPY!!!!

  7. carmenlidia13 said on 12-03-2013

    @offthehook08 Thank you for this Video, & Thank you Brother Anthony for the Enlightenment & to

  8. vampin6 said on 12-03-2013

    I’ve sseen alot of vids on you tube this by far has to be one of the best I’ve seen this blew me away!

  9. j2theon05 said on 12-03-2013

    Wow my last name is sims hope they didn’t get me lol crazy

  10. yayafitini said on 12-03-2013


  11. Amenknowtech said on 12-03-2013

    Don’t let fear cripple you my people….these Devils have to spend their whole lives trying to keep their lies going. They eat sleep and drink killing people…but the flip side of this is THEY ARE NOT FREE SPIRITS….they cannot enjoy life for all their energy is spent thinking up ways to control the masses. If you understand metaphysics…you will understand that WE have a HUGE advantage over them…let them chip the world….they will perish trying to “track” humanity.

  12. Bossman Starman said on 12-03-2013

    This is fucking scary…they chipped a roach holy shit! We are in some deep shit!

  13. khepruuu said on 12-03-2013

    real talk hotep

  14. Apriluv7779 said on 12-03-2013

    I certainly hope Dr. Phil’s son uses his talent to enlighten our Peoples 🙂

  15. wait4itandwait4it said on 12-03-2013

    There’s a lot of good info in this video. I just wish I could snip out the b.s.

  16. wait4itandwait4it said on 12-03-2013

    I think this video is an example of psychological warfare.

  17. ill318 said on 12-03-2013

    “stop trying to be sane in an insane society” have to agree prophetic stuff.
    DR Valentine starts at 50mins some wild stuff that should be watched.

  18. offthahook08 said on 12-03-2013

    Your welcome Black God!!! Hotep!!!

  19. Bballpl8ya1 said on 12-03-2013

    “stop trying to be sane in an insane society” MAN this was on point. Respect to Dr. Valentine for droppin this! Thanks for the post!

  20. Hellu235Sing said on 12-03-2013

    I’ll thank you.

  21. Shepsu Tera Netchebmaa said on 12-03-2013

    Look if I had the opportunity to listen to someone like Dr. Valentine 25 years ago, Wow! Take the red pill and begin to make the change back too the roots of your spirituality. A good book to check out is called “Metu Neter” by Ra Un Nefer Amen. Check it out. It doesn’t take a psychic young man what is natural to every that will become.

  22. Hellu235Sing said on 12-03-2013

    Are you psyche?

  23. Shepsu Tera Netchebmaa said on 12-03-2013

    Get off the drugs young man. 

  24. Hellu235Sing said on 13-03-2013

    The only that caught my attention were, Nazi symbols, Hitler dying in 2004 in Camp David, and Daddy Bush being a German spy. I got ADHD like badly. 😛

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