Make Your Life Better! Rebecca Onie asks audacious questions: What if waiting rooms were a place to improve daily health care? What if doctors could prescribe fo…
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  1. Glitter said on 12-06-2013

    She’s hot!

  2. ivoteforpedrosanchez said on 12-06-2013

    The law says they have to be stabilized. They do not have to be treated pased stabilization. That’s EMTALA. And the hospital has to be receiving Medicaid funding. IF they do not, then they do not have to treat people.

  3. NextLvlBeats said on 12-06-2013


  4. Austin Clark said on 12-06-2013

    Anyone here for RHS?

  5. Spaceisprettybig said on 12-06-2013

    The irony of America is, for a country that hold creationism with such high regard, we have a very darwinistic method for dealing with the needy…

  6. Cyla McKaine said on 12-06-2013

    If your idea of getting medical care is only in emergency situations then you need to visit the ER yourself.

  7. michealsoft72 said on 12-06-2013

    And there aren’t sick people going untreated in the “greatest country in the world.” If they go to an ER, its the law that they must be treated. Our sick have had access to care for years; the difference between our countries is that our media and left wing politicians lie about it constantly.

  8. michealsoft72 said on 12-06-2013

    Accusing one of not caring, small minded trick that is. Not ready for the burden of thinking are you.

  9. TheShorterboy said on 12-06-2013

    You can’t get low wages if people aren’t starving and afraid, feeding the poor endangers the capitalist system.

  10. 955456878754 said on 12-06-2013

    @Daltonius1 Well if it is based on money, then reverse the situation, pay doctors and health professionals when people are healthy / well, if your patient is sick, you get paid less, or not paid at all. Simple idea, in practice it may be more difficult to turn into reality

  11. Daltonius1 said on 12-06-2013

    Nice one 🙂

  12. SamyaDaleh said on 12-06-2013

    Yes, by vaccinating him or her.

  13. 2009rogera said on 12-06-2013

    ultimately, they aren’t already well though. They’re in a situation where they’re more likely to encounter disease. The clinics treat the disease (or sometimes, worse, the symptoms of the disease) not the causes of the disease’s propagation (lack of sanitation, food, water, education, money). This is attempting to rectify an imbalance in the distribution of resources in society through making social welfare services available and attractive to people.

  14. 2009rogera said on 12-06-2013

    Even if you’re a troll, and the lowest common denominator morally, getting a free lunch is a stupidly attractive quality in terms of survival of the fittest.

  15. MissCheekyChops7 said on 12-06-2013

    So inspirational!

  16. Daltonius1 said on 12-06-2013

    The honest answer is simple: Money. You can’t make any money treating a person who is already well.

  17. Kathleen Sciacca said on 12-06-2013

    Can collaborative communication between health care providers and clients/patients yield more efficient/effective health care and outcomes”
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  18. StarvationStudioz said on 12-06-2013

    I can’t believe how the “greatest county in the world” is so far behind on simple stuff like this.

    Makes me realise how lucky I am living in Australia where health care isn’t free, but the government pays for most of it. Of course, that comes from taxes, but the tax we pay isn’t that high compared to most countries, and with our above average minimum wage, you NEVER hear of sick people going untreated.

  19. JHARTFOUND said on 12-06-2013

    The Health Leads model is an inspiration. The same kinds of interventions that Health Leads volunteers offer to disadvantaged children would be outstanding services for vulnerable older adults.

  20. RiffTheory said on 12-06-2013

    The pharmaceutical industry makes entirely too much money to allow something like this to take off.

  21. RiffTheory said on 12-06-2013

    The judges gave in after seeing bunches of cockroaches? They probably thought, “I’ll never get out of here if I have to listen to all these lawyers”.

  22. RiffTheory said on 12-06-2013

    “A lot of conservatives think America is the only place in the world . . . “.


  23. amorphusensanity said on 12-06-2013

    While I agree that a lot can be done with disease prevention over curing, I think some of the numbers she threw out were highly over estimated. For the number of college students: limit it to (nearly) medically oriented. For student hours: volunteer is out, D1 Bball players compete (motivator) are paid for their time: $ + prestige. Compared to sports, the level of active followers drops drastically for nonathletics.
    Refining the waiting room is still quite worth pursuing. Even a gym would help.

  24. amorphusensanity said on 12-06-2013

    Sarcasm: does not come across well in text only formats.

  25. munchegod said on 12-06-2013

    Oh thank god I was really worried about that for a moment, at least I’m not the only one who tries to use sarcasm through text.

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