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Question by Ami: What’s the difference between religion and spirituality?
I should state that I know what religion is, but I do not get how spirituality does not go hand in hand with religion. The two seem like compliments.

Please explain in detail.

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Answer by Cyrberus
One can have a spiritual view of things without belonging or acknowledging any religion

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  1. Joseph M said on 17-06-2013

    One is a private quest to explain not the HOW of life but the WHY of life. That is spirituality, and it requires a journey, and effort, and practice in every waking moment.

    Religion is a highly organized set of rules and regulations and beliefs and myths that you memorize. You don’t have to do anything in religion except believe, or go to church one hour a day or once a day as the case may be.

    spirituality is private, personal. Religion is a display, a kind of spiritual materialism if you will, concerned with things, books and following rules.

    One might also say that religion is often infantile and spirituality can be, at least in theory, more mature approach to God.

  2. Evil ┬ª╚╩╝æⁿ tart said on 17-06-2013

    Tax breaks.

    And recognized protection under law.

  3. Paul L said on 17-06-2013

    Religion is what you belong to. Spirituality is why.

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