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Natural Remedies for Anxiety – Stop Panic Attacks With This Simple Anxiety Treatment See inside: If your worries and fears seem…

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  1. Sandra Murets said on 24-07-2013

    Attempt holding your breath for as long as you will. Does not matter how strong your mental will be, it can never override the need of the body. This is very good news – no matter how hard you are trying to tell yourself that you are likely to die from a anxiety disorder, you won’t. Your whole body may override that anxiety and look for a state of balance.
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  2. EF Herne said on 24-07-2013

    Anxiety is caused by the Toxoplasma Gondii Parasite. Go to PubMed at the National Institute of Health & put in “Toxoplasma Gondii Mental” or “Toxoplasmosis Bipolar” and READ, “breathing deeply”–when you exhale you get rid of 80% of your toxins Parasites being one of them. High parasites come from: GMO’s, pharmaceuticals, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, BAD WATER(w/fluoride), in your body. Watch “Dr, Andrew Saul Nution Cures Mental Illness” and get a real lesson. Psychology = DECEPTION.

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