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Kids, get off the couch! Workout & exercise with us. P90x and insanity may be to extreme to get started with so we keep it basic but keep you moving. 15 minu…

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  1. Jade Worthington said on 30-08-2013

    WOW! thanks ariel and good job on going at even when u dont want to do it anymore keep it up!

  2. Maria Rodriguez said on 30-08-2013

    we know its a good work out and i dont know why its thirty seconds

  3. TheWagnerTV said on 30-08-2013

    You can drink water but don’t just guzzle it because you feel hot or tired. You don’t want to get a cramp or a stomach ache.

  4. Rocxy swift said on 30-08-2013

    can u drink water while if ur really tried

  5. TheWagnerTV said on 30-08-2013

    We didn’t want kids to give up by making routines 60 or 90 seconds so we kept it around 30 seconds and tried to keep switching up the moves.

  6. Dayna Gomez said on 30-08-2013

    why is everything thirty seconds but it is a good work out

  7. Dayna Gomez said on 30-08-2013

    why is everything 30 seconds but it is a goodworkout

  8. SoYouWannaBeADoctor said on 30-08-2013

    Cool! I’m doing the exercises along with them!

  9. TheWagnerTV said on 30-08-2013

    How is YOUR fitness? Make sure you work up a sweat with Ariel to be in the best shape of your life!

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