Make Your Life Better!

Health care policy is a complicated ongoing discussion that requires deep societal introspection about what we choose to value. With an emotional appeal to u…

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  1. Carol Barbeiro said on 29-08-2013

    Congratulations!! Really good talk. Impressive!

  2. djalexm1 said on 29-08-2013

    Everyone talks about health care for everyone and what a great idea. But yet NO one says how that would be funded.

  3. samrabelbed said on 29-08-2013

    So why didn’t anyone do anything for the Syrian people

  4. Eutiquio Chapa said on 29-08-2013

    “The question I find myself asking is not whether we can afford a basic level of minimum healthcare for everyone…but whether we CHOOSE to make that possible.” – Rayden Llano

  5. Aileen Valladares said on 29-08-2013

    Thats my cousin!!

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