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Question by Barefooted: Is it okay to go to a community college course in bare feet?
I am thinking of attending a self improvement/confidence building course which is run over one day at community college. I usually prefer to go barefoot most of the time, is it okay to attend the workshop barefoot?

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Answer by Kiara
That’s just unsanitary and makes you look like trash (no offense).
If you don’t wanna wear tennis shoes at least put on some sleepers!

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  1. Christopher said on 21-08-2013

    No that’s fucking weird.

  2. Toby said on 21-08-2013

    No, in our society shoes are required in any public places. People see feet as dirty even if they’re very clean. But i did know a guy in college that walked around barefoot, even in the snow…

  3. monkey said on 21-08-2013

    I have seem that. If you are ok with people calling you weird then it may be ok. The prof may require shoes however.

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