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Hey Guys! I made this video last week and finally got around to uploading it lol. In this video, you find out that I have a hard time doing that whole talkin…

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  1. ZE GE said on 10-08-2013

    Hey! You have no idea what you are talking about or you do not know what you are talking about. It seems you need therapy as well. That is not advice at all unorganized thought, but I like you courage to show up here and say nothing at all. Go to you book and tell us about something if you got sometimes. Well.

  2. juliannehola said on 10-08-2013

    I went to a small community college and got my ADN

  3. tyra WILLIAMS said on 10-08-2013

    What College Did You Attend

  4. juliannehola said on 10-08-2013

    I’m glad that you know what area you want to be in. It’s no secret that this mental health rotation was not my favorite and it’s not necessarily because of the patients, but the overall atmosphere. I’m definitely not the most mature person, but I don’t think that I need to be more mature in order to appreciate mental health nursing. The simple fact is that psych just isn’t for me.

  5. Tiana seniorita said on 10-08-2013

    I think you need to have a more mature insight when it comes to “mental health” nursing, inorder to do it. Im not saying you don’t but you seem to not even give it a try or understand the patients view of things. Maybe if you put yourself in the patients shoes you would be better able to enjoy the job. You seem a bit judgmental of the patients in there but thats understandable. I am planning on being a mental health Nurse, i think its better then bedside nursing or peds

  6. juliannehola said on 10-08-2013

    good luck!

  7. AllThatKazz said on 10-08-2013

    I’m about to do my mental health placement. Although I’m not certain that I’ll get all my assignments done!
    Sounds interesting though.

  8. juliannehola said on 10-08-2013

    We’re getting around to it. This semester I’ll be in the ER and ICU.

  9. juliannehola said on 10-08-2013

    I’m not too sure of the logistics. We have a smaller group to work with and they split us up. we have the same ratio in clinical. Some people go to different clinical sites and we go at different times and it ends up working out.

  10. juliannehola said on 10-08-2013

    that’s the best thing about nursing! There are so many things that you can do. I graduate this July!! (fingers crossed!)

  11. Dani Ella said on 10-08-2013

    you should do clinical experience for every section of the hospital you have been would love that 🙂

  12. RNnme3j said on 10-08-2013

    Hey GoTo…when you entered your program & students signed up by sections (maybe) how did they split you guys up for clinincals? Like, how many people were assigned to your lecture class? Asking b/c 50 people are within my section but clinical ratio is 1:8 dont see how they do that…

  13. criswithnoh said on 10-08-2013

    Heh it seems I had the opposite experience because I actually really liked mental health. I may find my way back there some day, but not right away. OB, on the other hand, I hated. We’ll all find our niche 🙂 Do you graduate in December too?

  14. juliannehola said on 10-08-2013

    I think all my watches are from target. It’s perfect because they are inexpensive and I end up ruining everything lol.

  15. juliannehola said on 10-08-2013


  16. cjolin79 said on 10-08-2013

    What kind of watch do you have?

  17. Jenn Joy said on 10-08-2013

    I really enjoy your videos! Your so real and u tell the truth!

  18. juliannehola said on 10-08-2013

    no, not really. I was probably just nervous about what to expect. I was always with a classmate while we were on the floor. I think that’s probably the best thing to do. Find a buddy lol.

  19. Jenn Joy said on 10-08-2013

    Where u scared or afraid at any point during the clinical?

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