Make Your Life Better! Dr. Jamie Wright does a great job making nutrition and food and the relationship to health and…

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  1. Cynysha Thompson said on 03-10-2013

    In under four minutes this doctor spelled out what is needed to avoid nearly ALL disease. Superheating of foods is something I would like to see iHeathTube speak about more, Fried foods are to be avoided and what about boiling and baking?

  2. Barry Anderson said on 03-10-2013

    Dr. Jamie Wright is spot on and I could have not said it any better myself. The doctor spells it out very clearly for you and I do not see any argument here? Holistic Chef Barry

  3. stillwaters2121 said on 03-10-2013

    I’m sorry, but this fat guy should not be the host for these videos, I can’t take him seriously on health topics when he looks so unhealthy.

  4. Jack Daniels said on 03-10-2013

    Organic is another word. 😛

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