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Question by Kaylee: What are some health risks of a vegan diet?
What are some health risks of a vegan diet? I know absolutely nothing on the topic. I dont need to know any pros to vegan diets just any information of health risks would be great. Thanks!

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Answer by fivestars

no health risks as long as you eat your fruits and veggies. and don’t get me started on the protein thing. you don’t need as much protein as you think you do. you’re brainwashed by the meat industry. also b12 deficiency? meat eaters and vegans have b12 deficiency. it has nothing to do with whether you eat meat or not.

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  1. candy said on 16-10-2013

    Iron, zinc, vitamin b12 and vitamin D deficiency..also an increased chance of osteoporosis, (weak bones)

    But all of these things can be avoided with a healthy diet! If you eat an adequate amount of fiber, lentils, leafy green vegetables, any milk alternative, you will be as healthy as anyone else!

    Being vegan or vegetarian reduces chances of having: Diabetes, Some forms of cancer and heart problems.

  2. Kali said on 16-10-2013

    There are none as long as you eat healthy.

    And if you know nothing on the topic, then why do you not care about the pros?

  3. Common Sense Says said on 16-10-2013

    None, in fact the nutritional community considers it to have many advantages.

    Biased much?

  4. VeggieDude said on 16-10-2013

    If you’re getting enough calories and eating whole, unprocessed foods, you have nothing to worry about. If you have a specific medical condition talk to your doctor.

  5. ❖Vegan❖ said on 17-10-2013

    Hey, how are you doing? =3

    This is a friendly reminder that veganism is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle <3 A vegan is someone who does not consume any animal products. This includes meat, dairy, eggs, honey, and animal byproducts (gelatin, whey, casein, rennet.) In addition with not consuming animal products, they do not buy any clothing articles that are made from animals, buy any animal tested products or products with animal ingredients, and they do not support places which make money off of animal exploitation, such as Rodeos, SeaWorld, Zoos, etc. This is a philosophy/lifestyle not a fad diet. In 1951, the British Vegan Society, the first vegan society, explained the definition of veganism as “ the doctrine that man should live without exploiting animals,"

    People choose to go vegan because they are concerned about how animals are treated on factory farms and believe that no animal deserves to die or be exploited needlessly when we can thrive on plant based foods. Hens are crammed 5 or 6 into a cage, with no room to spread their wings. When they are spent, they go across a conveyor belt and have their necks slit by a rolling blade, while being conscious. Dairy cows are artificially inseminated every cycle. And once they have their baby, if female, they are no turned into another dairy cow. If they are male, they are confined to a stall with no room to move around, until they are ready for slaughter as veal. All the while, that mama calf cries for her baby that was taken from her, all so that humans could consume her milk. (And that’s just a small snippet of animal agriculture.)

    You will be healthy so long as you eat varied foods and make sure you get a source of b12 🙂

    To read about how to stay healthy as a vegan, check out these great websites. (You don't need to memorize all the nitty gritty details, just have a basic idea of how to stay healthy.) 🙂

    If you want a REALLY amazing speech on veganism. You must watch “The best speech you will ever hear” on youtube. I’m serious, it’s magical.

  6. friendofchip said on 17-10-2013

    There are no health risks at all.

    A plant based diet is the healthiest one you can go on. No plant food has cholesterol ( we are designed to make your own cholesterol and get sick off animal protein). All plant food has fibre and vitamins.
    When eaten right- with all colours and nutrients, a plant diet is 100% the best type of eating to do. It is the very one that human bodies are created to eat.
    Our bodies have long twisting intestines- designed to extract water and vitamins from our food. The fibre in the food sweeps the intestine clean. Water from raw food which is fuelled with the vitamins, goes into the cells when it’s absorbed from the small and large intestine. Perfect harmony.
    Nuts and seeds inside fruit and veg- give us oil ( omega oils found in nuts and seeds), fruit gives us energy and the B vitamins needed for nerves and neurons are coated in the soil the food grows in. We are designed so perfectly to eat plant foods that it’s the only way you can consider eating if you’re intent on eating ergonomically with your body.
    Some people eat a bad diet. That’s nothing to do with a vegan title.
    A bad diet would consist of- only eating white bread and jelly. Or cereal and nothing else. Or tofu and carrots. Or chips, pasta and an apple.

    You need lots of colour- dark green, orange, red, yellow, purple and all the colours of foods you can get.
    Eat vegetables like mushrooms, spinach, carrots, turnips, kale, swedes that have bits of soil on them. This gives you B vitamins. Also, fermented foods like beer, miso paste, vinegar and pickled foods, they all give you B vitamins too. Fermented foods are really healthy to eat. Natto and seaweeds are also some of the healthiest things to eat. Japanese people eat these all the time. It’s so common there that it’s not necessary to mention it. Natto is fermented sticky soybeans, it sounds disgusting but it’s a bit like mustard I guess. Used like a condiment or a base for soup and stews. I use it all the time like miso paste.

    Oats, rice, buckwheat ( not a wheat despite its name), yam, yucca= these are all good for energy. I don’t like wheat much. But up to you.
    And only eat whole grains. That means no white bread, no “wheat flour” bread, as some brown bread lables will tell you thinking you’ll assume that means whole wheat. It doesn’t.

    So when you hear a vegan diet is unhealthy and vegans don’t get B12 and protein, the usual myths, don’t believe it.
    There is more protein in spirulina ( too much actually) and soybeans than most meat, and there is b12 in plenty of fermented foods, fortified soymilk and cheese, cereal and so on, also spinach and mushrooms and anything with even a tiny speck of soil .

    The only risk is when he perpetrator eats a really bad diet!

  7. Cheryl J said on 17-10-2013

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  8. Cris said on 17-10-2013

    Protein deficiency, Mineral deficiency, Vitamin deficiency

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