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Question by Tennisr0cks: What are some home remedies to get a good complexion?
I need some home remedies that are easy to make. Also some pimple remedies would be great too.

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Answer by lexa
if you get a face wash with salicic acid and make sure it is not a cream cleaner but more like a really wash. I really like neutrogena oil-free acne wash. Also i cut my breakouts in half when i only washed my face once at night and only let water on it in the morning. Also drinking water and a clean diet always helps. Dont touch your face or pop your pimples

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  1. katie p said on 01-10-2013

    Drink plenty of water. It helps flush the impurities out of your body. Watch the sodas, chocolate and fried foods. Keep your hands away from your face. Don’t scrub acne prone skin.

  2. Jen B said on 01-10-2013

    yeah. what the first girl said.. DONT POP UR PIMPLES!!!
    get a nice foaming face wash for your blemishes..
    witch hazel again for ur blemishes..
    a nice kaolin mask to draw out the oil, impurities and to firm the skin..
    and u can make a nice face mask at home.. all u need if enough honey to cover your face.. couple of drops of lavender and even some rose hip oil (if u have some)
    .. if u have pigmentation, u can also try a little bit of wheat germ oil..
    oo if u r really concerned with ur skin, like face wash (which u are washing ur skin twice and for approx 2 mins twice a day) and masks arent working, you can take zinc supplements..

    and always wear moisturiser, preferably one with high sunscreen to protect ur skin.

  3. Natural said on 01-10-2013

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