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Your love has got us nominated for the website of the year award 2013! do vote for us – Treat rheumatoid arthritis with natural home…
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  1. jennifer23ish said on 23-11-2013

    you are such a pretty girl u could be a movie star ,no problem

  2. Ali Khawaja said on 23-11-2013

    How do you find about these things

  3. JaclynPifer said on 23-11-2013

    Treat rheumatoid arthritis with natural home remedies using either potato
    or green gram. For complete information check this.ZWELL is a natural
    health company committed to Canadians.Thousands of Canadians are already
    benefitting from this unique product…. –tinyurl(.)com(/)bfyp3aa

  4. Abdul Hafiz said on 23-11-2013

    thank you very much your rfemedies are very helpful could you please
    describe if there is any thing which could help back pain.

  5. Homeveda - Home Remedies for You! said on 23-11-2013

    Sakshi you are welcome. Do check out our website –

  6. BatherMasterson said on 23-11-2013

    What company is it that you work for?

  7. Priya Ramashwaran said on 23-11-2013

    I know this is out of subject…but…can you do a channel were you do
    hairstyles and make-up??

  8. baljeet kaur said on 23-11-2013

    which one u use?

  9. SimplyYane said on 23-11-2013

    Can you please do a Home remedy video on Cellulite?

  10. sakshi dangwal said on 23-11-2013

    thanku so much i love ur home remedy,nd thanks for dis rheumatoid arthritis

  11. kelcy7351 said on 23-11-2013

    What is camphor

  12. Lucreaia Redmond said on 23-11-2013

    when I f2f

  13. kiliawta said on 23-11-2013

    yo please pass me the link of yopur company and thanks

  14. Naser Younus said on 23-11-2013

    very good

  15. Reddesknotes said on 23-11-2013

    omg the garlic is a NO NO WAY! anything else except RAW GARLIC twice daily?
    no way you can eat that daily & have a social life or go to work!..or a
    romantic life! but you look very nice, and i’m not a guy getting fresh!
    (i’m a girl too!) you’re pretty! your parents must be very

  16. Homeveda - Home Remedies for You! said on 23-11-2013

    We are happy for you! 🙂

  17. nuttaq Asma said on 23-11-2013

    Thank you so much. It helped me a lot.

  18. mariez3327 said on 23-11-2013

    I’ll have my husband try this and let everyone know how it goes. By the
    way, his pains begin at night, but has all the symptoms in places mentioned
    above and even his chin Thanks!

  19. PurpleOrchid254 said on 23-11-2013

    You’re right. I was shocked to hear the lady saying that it wasn’t curable,
    especially as on another ayurvedic site I read that it was.

  20. micah barlow said on 23-11-2013

    that’s not true arthritis can be cured and prevented through nutrients, i
    work with a company that specializes in giving the body the nutrients it
    needs to prevent and heal itself. not only arthritis but many other
    diseases that are thought to be incurable.

  21. nuttaq Asma said on 23-11-2013

    3rd one is very useful.

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