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  1. Ramiee Maharjan said on 18-11-2013

    can u please give tips for coloured and damaged hair

  2. Gerardo Diaz said on 18-11-2013

    I’m african american and arganraın products works great on my hair. ıt
    really helps my hair grow. my family and friends are now using it. my
    friend is caucasian and says her thinning hair is becoming thicker. be sure
    to follow the directions. good luck! //

  3. pcwidow said on 18-11-2013

    How often should we do this? Once a week? twice?

  4. rashmee jhurry said on 18-11-2013

    coconut will really be helpful as i use it only with almond oil

  5. Trupti Nanda said on 18-11-2013

    for how many days we have to do this for dry hair 🙂

  6. me keltu said on 18-11-2013

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  7. meganthe ratlover said on 18-11-2013

    Can u make a video on how to repair damaged hair from hair dye or even how
    to get the brassy color out

  8. pavithra sankaran said on 19-11-2013

    how many times shud i do te 1st remedy in a week????????////////pls reply !

  9. anu priya said on 19-11-2013

    Hi . i think this yellow yolk will cause bad odour. how can i go work wit
    tat odour?wat u say?am i right mam?

  10. Saroj Giri said on 19-11-2013

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  11. Chin KONG FOO said on 19-11-2013

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  12. sheena kaur said on 19-11-2013

    can u tell me how many times in a week i should follow the second remedy??

  13. Cassidy Krug said on 19-11-2013

    It made it silky and shiny but not greasy..i dont know much about it but
    need help for hair regrowth ( due to poor nutrition). The argan oil and its
    formulation helps my hair regrowth. Thanks Argan Life products..

  14. Joyce. said on 19-11-2013

    Can I use coconut oil instead of almond and olive.?

  15. rashmee jhurry said on 19-11-2013


  16. Olivia Sanchez said on 19-11-2013


  17. Olivia Sanchez said on 19-11-2013


  18. Lydia Jefferies said on 19-11-2013

    Hi, sure. You can use coconut oil instead – coconut oil is actually one of
    the best oils for dry or damaged hair, because it penetrates right into the
    cortex and strengthens the hair. Most oils are much of a muchness though –
    the best way to find your favourite oil is to experiment. After that, it’s
    kind of up to you! Just remember, the thicker and heavier the oil, the more
    effective and powerful it is!

  19. Lydia Jefferies said on 19-11-2013

    Hello, there! I can’t use eggs, either. There are many, many ways to
    improve hair quality and moisture without them. Oils are the best option,
    in my opinion, because they penetrate into the cortex of the hair and
    strengthen it, right inside. I love coconut oil treatments, combined with
    the wonderful effects of jojoba oil. If you can’t find jojoba oil, try
    sweet almond oil. This is a wonderful substitute.

  20. Lydia Jefferies said on 19-11-2013

    Hello there! I have studied keratin and hair mass for a long time, and I
    know a little about hair growth and health. Coconut oil is an excellent oil
    to use because it is thick and heavy, and it helps penetrate the cuticle
    and strengthen the hair, right from the cortex. Most oils are similar,
    though, and for any oil mentioned in a video, I’m sure you can substitute
    it for another. Good luck!

  21. Lydia Jefferies said on 19-11-2013

    Hey there! You can substitute any heavy oil (such as coconut oil) for
    another. Olive oil is better than almond oil – the latter is a fairly light
    oil – and it is so smooth and rich. Perfect for dry, damaged hair!

  22. Booooombshell said on 19-11-2013

    What about people with dandruff and dry hair?

  23. Jenny Lee said on 19-11-2013

    its helps a lot thank you…bye..

  24. Vu Do Quang said on 19-11-2013

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  25. ForeverDisneyLover20 said on 19-11-2013

    My mom won’t let me air dry my hair can I still dry it with a hair dryer
    but on the temperature cool

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