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Scooby’s 100 places for pullups Playlist for nutrition…
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  1. John Smith said on 07-11-2013

    you can do a 100 rep set of push ups?
    what’s your highest rep set of pull ups?

  2. taylor robert said on 07-11-2013

    Hi I degree with you on behind the neck pullups it won’t hurt anything

  3. zujostix said on 07-11-2013

    Thanks for these videos. Which brand of pullup bar is that exactly?

  4. Misha Chobot said on 07-11-2013

    Hey! I’m Brittany.I did -15 lbs in two weeks.Visit

  5. gomunkul said on 07-11-2013

    Love your posts!
    P.S. in the name of all us bold(ing) guys, show some head skin 😉

  6. CrystalHunter1989 said on 07-11-2013

    Very good tips! I’ve been working so hard to lose weight and get in better cardio shape that I’ve failed to devote the same time and energy to upper body strength (not having a spotter makes one extra cautious). I’ve been told that resistance bands can help strengthen you before you’re ready to use the bar. Would you agree?

  7. Wild Child said on 07-11-2013

    What make is your pull up bar? Have you had any problems with it (e.g. slipping under your weight, etc). I love your channel for myriad qualities, the least of which is not your warm, unintimidating tone. If I had to choose one prepper channel upon which to rely for guidance. This would be it. I thank you. And, may we meet each other in good form on the other side of what obstacles await us.

  8. checkie4ever said on 07-11-2013

    Sure thing. I’m glad if I saved you some pain.

  9. rastamahn said on 07-11-2013

    Ouch.  I’ll go talk to a physician then. Thanks for the heads up!

  10. checkie4ever said on 07-11-2013

    What you describing is carpal tunnel in some stage of development. I don’t know how bad is it in your case so can’t recommend anything for prevention but your wrist suffers due to the position and work you do for years and you should go to Doctor to find out what can you do as soon as possible.
    This isn’t very bad and it’s pretty routine surgery even at worst but you should know where you’re at so you don’t make it worst or suffer without reason. These things don’t get better by themselves.

  11. Nikolas Miller said on 07-11-2013

    Turns out I’ve been doing my push-ups wrong. Thanks for the advice.

  12. Derbyshire Lad said on 07-11-2013

    Thanks MP. You have kick started me back into getting a fitness routine re-established. The fact that you aim your tutorials at people with zero fitness is great. It gives encouragement that anyone can get started.

  13. ronin2167 said on 07-11-2013

    How many pullups should you be able to do before moving away from the cheat?

  14. Xarcas said on 07-11-2013

    I can recommend the lifeline fit assist or pull-up pro systems for people that want a dedicated home assisted pull-up system to go with their pull-up bar. I bought one when i was in the US two years ago and recovering from a shoulder surgery. I still use it, it allows me to concentrate more on the movement and do my reps slower and more controlled. I really like the ‘Lifeline USA”quality of elastics in general. I have other of their producs too.

  15. RougeSamurai77 said on 07-11-2013

    Nice shirt.

  16. rastamahn said on 07-11-2013

    Any suggestions on what to do, regarding push-ups, if the normal position hurts your wrists (for example from years of computer programming), aside from just biting down and doing it on your knuckles instead?
    Love your channel, keep up the great work.

  17. CrystalHunter1989 said on 07-11-2013

    Arthritis has always made it hard for me to do proper pushups. Even now I’m still using the wall. I would often go to my knuckles because it was easier to keep form. I never ever thought about engaging my chest.

  18. HouseInVisus said on 07-11-2013

    I have now purchased a chin-up door bar.

  19. Augie L said on 07-11-2013

    Very inspirational, I Enjoy your Vid’s..

  20. NWIPrepper19113 said on 07-11-2013

    Thanks for the tips. I really appreciate it. T.U.

  21. pure4mahem said on 07-11-2013

    You know if our Gym/PE Teachers would of shown us this in school it probably would of encouraged us to gone into the gym early everyday until we got it because we were competitive and eager to show off in school. But know they just had us try it once a year when the president’s fitness test came around and embarassed the hell out of cause we couldn’t do it. I know in my class there was one person that could go and go and everyone else either just hung or could do one and that’s it. THANK YOU!!!!

  22. Lilith S. said on 07-11-2013

    Sarah Connor herself couldn’t have made it better.

  23. FPSMurdock said on 07-11-2013

    Excellent video, i cant do a chin up to save my life, so i have never worked at it. With the chair method you have shown i have confidence now to work towards doing chin ups. Thank you!

  24. dexporter said on 08-11-2013

    Hey Maine ,you put guys half your age to shame.kudos to you.i gotten of muy couch potato ass and started a exercise regamine at the Y.defenitly feel better and sleep like ababy at well end safe.

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