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Dexterity Exercises 1 - Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson

This guitar lesson vid shows you how to improve your fretboard technique with finger dexterity exercises! It shows you the chords, technique and style. Go to…
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  1. Jon L said on 30-12-2013

    Hey Guys Im a totoally beginner and wondering how to avoid touching the
    neighbour chords when practicing? im having problems especially when
    holding the B, I often touched the high E on its right :(

  2. camily aguiar said on 30-12-2013

    thx!!! you really helped me and i got my guitar yesterday

  3. Carei Powell said on 30-12-2013

    LOVE your instructions! THANK YOU!

  4. Demi Durrant said on 30-12-2013

    U are good

  5. k randolph said on 30-12-2013

    You are awesome teacher

  6. Kevin Watts said on 30-12-2013

    Muscle memory is what that’s called. Its big for shooting. Just learning
    guitar and I love the vids 

  7. GetRhythm2011 said on 30-12-2013

    “un”conscience, or “sub”conscience? 🙂 Thanks for all the great ‘n
    helpful lessons. You are the best I’ve found to progress at my rate and
    level of simplicity. ;)

  8. Bethany Lee said on 30-12-2013

    I have a problem my hands r quite small so I cant reach the different frets
    with my fingers next to each other because they don’t stretch that far
    please help

  9. mark greg lagarto said on 30-12-2013

    my finger tip is aching :(

  10. mohd ali guitarist said on 30-12-2013

    you are a great teacher sir. GOD bless

  11. Tom Crawford said on 30-12-2013

    Hello Cebu Rizalista. To answer your question, yes and no. There are many
    professional guitar players with small hands. Yngwie Malmsteen, Brian May
    Lita Ford just to name a few. In the beginning it may seem odd and kind of
    a stretch.
    Just keep at it and practice, practice, practice and sooner than you will
    notice, it is not an issue anymore. Your ligaments will stretch and your
    fingers will gain coordination. Just keep playing and enjoy.

  12. mudkipwatermelon said on 30-12-2013

    your vids really help thx this is so good 🙂
    🙂 🙂 🙂 :]

  13. Tyric Lewis said on 30-12-2013


  14. Lepetit Vega said on 30-12-2013

    thanks for sharing this energy erich!

  15. revolvermd said on 30-12-2013

    6:56 That creepy horror theme music. Love these videos, keep them up!

  16. GetRhythm2011 said on 30-12-2013

    Alright, my biggest question is how in the world do you spread your fingers
    that far apart? Mine don’t seem too willing to cover that much real estate
    at once, nor that dexterously. I recall when I was taking piano lessons my
    instructor would have me squeeze a tennis ball a lot to get the correct
    finger/hand position for playing keys properly. straight down, similar to
    playing the strings of a guitar it seems to me. Your thoughts? advice?

    I think I have fairly sizable hands, 9 1/4″ tip of thumb to tip of pinky
    with hand wide open. but it looks like your fingers are all darn near
    straight up and down on the strings. Not sure how you manage that. 

  17. paul microns said on 30-12-2013

    I will make my pinky do what I say no matter what ! I tell it what to do .
    It does NOT tell me ! ( Good thing you didn’t give up on walking ….Think
    about it )

  18. paul microns said on 30-12-2013

    maybe you have the wrong size guitar and or neck size too small. try
    classical guitar. the neck size I think is around 1 7/8 inch at the nut
    .only thing is with classical guitar are the strings are nylon .but that’s
    what I did . I went with a classical guitar .

  19. DinckelMan said on 30-12-2013

    My pinky says “Nope, i wont do that”

  20. budder minebaam said on 30-12-2013

    How do you spread you fingers that far WHTA?!?

  21. Stipe Zeravica said on 30-12-2013

    will my fingers spread naturaly with practice

  22. Alan Gehrke said on 30-12-2013

    I am a beginner and I find you to be very helpful. I want to learn how to
    play to get my mind away from my life and you are helping me to do so.
    Thank you very much and please keep making videos.

  23. the paranormal zone said on 30-12-2013

    my problem is that my fingers are to big so when I put the tip on a string
    it hughs the next string.

  24. bear532 said on 30-12-2013

    I feel like you don’t get thanked often enough for your helpful videos.
    Thank you very much!

  25. Lord Baconus said on 30-12-2013

    As a gamer I had problems with that. Eventually having my fingers touching
    keys far from each other for long times fixed that problem, so yes, they do.

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