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Lose weight with natural home remedies using black pepper or lemon. For complete information check this short video from ! Visit us t…
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  1. Rachel Taylor said on 18-12-2013

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  2. shuma aktar said on 18-12-2013

    I love your video thank you

  3. Carla Throme said on 18-12-2013

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  4. Somnath Singh said on 18-12-2013

    Tht is why I love being an INDIAN and it’s reach heritage it has !!!
    Lucky to be INDIAN !!!

  5. ena herrera said on 18-12-2013

    Do you have remedies for anemia “low iron” 

  6. Megha Pednekar said on 18-12-2013


  7. prudhvi tej said on 18-12-2013

    Simple n super remedi…..Thanks for d video

  8. Aya Amin said on 18-12-2013

    i am going to try this one .. starting today insha’allah :)) <3 ... thank u
    for ur advice 

  9. kimberlyn partylover said on 18-12-2013

    Thanks alot :)) sharing this to my friends.. 

  10. Apolonia Lepe said on 18-12-2013

    Thanks so much 😀 love all your remedies. :>

  11. Lovely S.amsoon said on 18-12-2013

    This also makes me think of the master cleanse! I can’t wait to try!

  12. gontirik gouton said on 18-12-2013

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  14. Saroj Manandhar said on 19-12-2013

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  15. Nina C. Tan said on 19-12-2013

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  16. GOA Skincare said on 19-12-2013


  17. M Khan said on 19-12-2013

    Can we follow these tips while we are breastfeeding??

  18. Nicole Clifford said on 19-12-2013

    First I could not believed on others comments but tired once and that day
    was really changed my life and body thanks to youtube comment seen video

  19. shuma aktar said on 19-12-2013

    I love your video thank you

  20. Colleen Turner said on 19-12-2013

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  21. Marian Walls said on 19-12-2013

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  22. Nicole Clifford said on 19-12-2013

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  23. Sonia Simon said on 19-12-2013

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  24. Claire Jones said on 19-12-2013

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