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Question by Humad Shah: What are some major health problems faced by the youth of the 21st century?
I need to write an essay on one or more health problems faced by the youth of the 21st century. Which health problem should I write on, and why?

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Answer by tuffy
Obesity and/or lack of exercise

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  1. Toni Parr said on 16-12-2013

    Obesity in th younger generations the obesity rate has now reached epidemic proportions in the Industrialized west.

    The cost of this epidemic in the future is going to put massive strains on health care systems.

  2. whmozart said on 16-12-2013

    I’d say depression. It’s the source of all other problems.

  3. Art said on 16-12-2013

    Aids, other sexually transmitted diseases, flu, wooping cough measles,MRSA (methicillin resistant Staph. aureus), eventually VRSA (vancomycin resistant Staph. aureus)
    Pick one of the above diseases since fewer people are getting baby shots and sexually transmitted diseases are increasing.

  4. S said on 16-12-2013

    These answers you have are great I will add one more meningitis. Please get vaccinated before you go away to college. Although rare there have been deaths mostly among dorm students

  5. ammianus said on 16-12-2013


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