Make Your Life Better! Taking l-arginine an hour or two before aerobic exercise may be an effective w…
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  1. tnmann10 said on 02-01-2014

    Yo dude, instead of writing the number down.. Press the zero button!

  2. Katheleen Haener said on 02-01-2014

    I notice lots of people keep on speaking about Hibloderox Remedy. But I’m
    not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried this popular hypertension home

  3. Marc Tonzillo said on 02-01-2014

    cayenne pepper, magnesium and hawthorne gets my pressure to 140/90. may try
    arginine to get it lower.

  4. HerbReview said on 02-01-2014

    Kevein, THANK YOU! That’s the kind of info I need. About dosages and time
    frames. If a supplement doesn’t work immediately, I tend to move on
    quickly… I needed to hear what you said. I’ll follow up on this. Cheers,

  5. HerbReview said on 02-01-2014

    Jabah, your’e welcome. Sorry for late reply (7 months, LOL.)

  6. jabah jabawoki said on 02-01-2014

    Yusuf. Thanks for the great tips on ginger in particular.

  7. kevin altendorf said on 02-01-2014

    Hey bud, try hawethorne berry standardized extract at 150-475 Mg per day.
    For the first week to two it has no effect, Followed by a dramatic
    stabilization of blood pressure. After three weeks of Hawethorne Berry
    Extract at 300 Mg/day dropped my blood pressure from 146/71 to 125/68 which
    stabilized over the following 8 weeks I took it. Do some research and get
    back to me if you are interested on anymore facts about it. Might add in
    some celery seed extract and grape seed extract aswell. Thanks!

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