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  1. Gaurav Patil said on 09-01-2014

    Here’s the real home treatment for Scabies read the entire
    information on that website!

  2. Christian Blackburn said on 09-01-2014

    Why is this woman drinking milk? Doesn’t she know it causes allergies, iron
    deficiency, hormone imbalances, and depletes bone density?

  3. Christian Baet said on 09-01-2014

    where to buy salycilic acid ??

  4. joanne nilsson said on 10-01-2014

    ok everyone you need enzymes in cream “brightning cream or Q10” & mix it
    with oil or lard. the oil smothers the adults & enzyme kills the eggs.
    remember all that oil will bring a few pimples up so don’t panic. o2 will
    kill so you tube it. nothing works overnight

  5. Merchax said on 10-01-2014

    Hey guys i just got this shit on my skin and i went to the the
    dermatologyst and she gave me the solution. Buy Permethrin 5%(cream) and
    use it 3 nights before you gonna go to bed and leave 7 days and use it
    again for 3 more nights. You have to pour it in all your body from the neck
    to the feet(put it everywhere between your fingers and nails too). And buy
    allergycal pills for the days of the threatment and take it everynight so
    will be like 13 pills for each day and you gonna be fine 🙂

  6. Isabel Blanco said on 10-01-2014

    hello joanne you can put limes cut in half and salt in the microwave for 30
    sec and that should help. you could make a cream with pig grease (about a
    big spoonful) and sulfur (small spoonful) then mix those two together. put
    the cream on first then rub on the limes right over it. leave on for about
    30 mins or an hour. you can take a hot shower after the treatment. make
    sure to clean everything including cloths and bed sheets, for family
    members too. Do the treatment 2 to 3 times a week.

  7. joanne nilsson said on 10-01-2014

    i know your recipe & Im giving it out for FREE! your site don’t exist. its
    a broken link.

  8. Christian Blackburn said on 10-01-2014

    If you stood over a volcano & threw an ice cube in it would you say it was
    cooling? Of course not. Milk does contain calcium, calcium is the major
    mineral in bones. However, digesting animal protein creates large amounts
    of acid, which actually leaches calcium from your bones. Ads say milk has
    calcium, Calcium builds bones (half truth). The claim that milk builds
    strong bones, hasn’t been made by the NDC for nearly 20 years or the
    Physcian’s committee for responsible medicine will sue again.

  9. Isabel Blanco said on 10-01-2014

    please respond to see if that helps

  10. Renegade2283 said on 10-01-2014

    Actually it restores bone density. Hence the Calcium, Durp. Also Ive drank
    milk all my life and I have absolutely no allergies. Though I might have an
    Iron deficiency so you got me there 🙂

  11. joanne nilsson said on 10-01-2014

    i live in Australia & need your book fast. please help me. i can’t ring
    your number nor can download your printout without a computer. i only have
    a smartphone. if i could email you i can arrange for my mother to print it
    out. Permethrin put me in hospital & refered me to a dermatologist that i
    don’t have money for. iv been using neem oil tea tree sesame & eukylyptus
    oil with no luck & been washing in hot n drying in drier & changing my

  12. Renegade2283 said on 10-01-2014

    True. However, as many studies have shown, we gain much more calcium from
    milk than we lose. So it isnt really a problem. The claim isn’t that milk
    directly builds strong bones, but that calcium is necessary for maintaining
    strong and healthy bones. I can relate the source via email if you would

  13. sidd vicious said on 10-01-2014

    Why the fuck is there a picture of a woman drinking milk? Gay.

  14. Ray Galvez said on 10-01-2014

    People nowadays are getting worst because the love of money. Guys the cure
    is simple buy Salycilic acid and gently pat on the affected skin until the
    mange dies. Treat the linens and beddings with dust mites spray and in less
    than a week your life will be back to normal. Good luck

  15. blanginit said on 10-01-2014

    What a load of bs, click on the link where they tell you about the remedy
    but you gotta pay to find out what it actually is. The douche bashes docs
    getn our money for treatment but then does the same thing himself/ WHAT A

  16. Larry Harris said on 10-01-2014

    Try natural and herbal remedy to save lots of money! Do some research.

  17. Simon Hedim said on 10-01-2014

    Beware, I tried their treatment and it didn’t help (actually it got worse).
    They ignored all my letters and didn’t send me the refund

  18. falcon56able said on 10-01-2014

    Nix for scabies. Tea tree oil onqtip for skin and nose. Repeat when it
    comes back.

  19. Marcos Martinez said on 10-01-2014

    i dont get it, use it 3 times in one night? or 3 times a week

  20. Peter Waltriklt said on 10-01-2014

    Look at this info for scabies cure at it has
    treatment-remedies which can help.

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