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Get long and shiny hair with natural home remedies by using either bananas or olive oil. For complete information check this short video from http://www.home…

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  1. Olivia Alford said on 15-02-2014

    How many times should I apply the banana remedy to my hair?

  2. Starslikediamonds said on 15-02-2014

    Make sure to use cool water to rinse the egg out. I used hot and got
    scrambled eggs.

  3. madhav prasad said on 15-02-2014

    i am 100% vegetarian and i don’t want to use eggs please provide some
    alternate . Thanks

  4. Annabella Mercury said on 15-02-2014

    Umm… Judging on the comments i probably shouldn’t try this. Just be happy
    with the hair God gave you. You don’t need longer or silkier hair. That’s

  5. Alyssa Schrepfer said on 15-02-2014

    It didnt work very well

  6. hosannaaa1 said on 15-02-2014

    How often can we use egg and olive oil.. Can we use extra virgin olive oil?

  7. SmileyZee1 said on 15-02-2014

    Tanya Burr was on the advert !!!!!!

  8. Marcella Chavez said on 15-02-2014

    Do we use this only once a week twice a week or everyday ?

  9. Caitlin Fegely said on 15-02-2014

    How about I eat all that since it’s all ready in my diet 0_0 BECAUSE I”M
    SORRY HONEY? uh uh. I have enough nightmares with silly puddy and the goop

  10. Sweetzzz34 said on 15-02-2014

    ???? do you use both of these remedies in one day.

  11. carly hannah said on 15-02-2014

    is it ok if its vegetable oil 

  12. TPQ1980 said on 16-02-2014

    Got to love the 22 line disclaimer at the end of the video.

  13. jenn m said on 16-02-2014

    i still can’t get the banana out of my hair

  14. MrsYumyTuber said on 16-02-2014

    how many times should you do this to get long hair?

  15. loveshell007 said on 16-02-2014

    I have applied banana to my hair before. I used to apply oil first and then
    the banana after abt 30 mins. Never had any problems washing it off. You
    need to make sure to grind it well to a very smooth consistency.

  16. Krithika Vasanth said on 16-02-2014

    homeveda: won’t adding honey make hair grey in color?

  17. nariman alkhaled said on 16-02-2014

    howtobasic would love to do that ;)

  18. Crystal Heredia said on 16-02-2014

    Let me try it cause my hair is not that short so I want to try itttt cause
    I want I my hair to be longg

  19. Enfinehti said on 16-02-2014

    It has worked for the shiny part…now time to wait for the growth?
    How long and often should I keep up with the remedy before seeing a change?

  20. Neha Dubey said on 16-02-2014

    I have been using this since a few years now. However, I do not add honey
    and instead of milk, I use yogurt. You can also add half a avocado to it.
    The results are great and it makes your hair super soft! I’d suggest not
    shampooing the same day when you apply this hair mask. Also, make sure you
    blend the banana and not just mash it, because some chunks dry and stick to
    your hair even after washing several times.

  21. abbey mackay said on 16-02-2014

    I did this right after this video and it worked my hair looked sooooo shiny

  22. bellasooky said on 16-02-2014

    It was very hard to get the banana out of my hair.. Even after the shower I
    still had banana in my hair :(

  23. Snow-Girl said on 16-02-2014

    ****************** put the banana in a blender, don’t mesh it, it makes it
    easier to wash it afterwards 🙂 

  24. Yassmine Aazim said on 16-02-2014

    Wavy/curly hair home remedies!! Please! Especially for the frizz. Thank you

  25. Apolonia Lepe said on 16-02-2014

    I’m totally doing this but how often should I do treatments like these?
    Like once a week? Or more.

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