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Question by CleverClash: Universal Health Insurance, Universal Health Care, National Health Insurance, Private Health Insurance?
What are the differences between:

– Universal Health Insurance
– Universal Health Care
– National Health Insurance
– Private Health Insurance
– Government Health Care
– State Health Care

I am especially confused with Universal Health Insurance vs. Universal Health Care.

Can you answer the question for each category in few sentences (not too much detail, but fluent explaination please)
and it would be great if you leave the source as well so i can look into it more. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by lsA
Universal Health Insurance – implies that health insurance for everyone, not just for the ones that can afford it. It would be regulated by the federal government, so that everyone has access to care.

Universal Health Care – government-overseen health care system where medical care has nothing to do with making a profit, and everyone has access to medical attention that they need.

National Health Insurance – Not sure.

Private Health Insurance – is just as we Americans have now. Private insurance companies are like regular businesses that look for profit. Unfortunately, many times vital care is denied…

Government Health Care – this one sounds like military hospitals for soldiers, veterans, and family members.

State Health Care – don’t know this one….

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