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Question by Twist Of Fate: What’s so great about religion?
What’s not so great about religion?

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Answer by Bridget
Religion makes you believe there is something there when you die.

Religion can make your friends your enemies.

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  1. Z H said on 28-02-2014

    very little
    many things

  2. doug b said on 28-02-2014



  3. mafiagirl1996 said on 28-02-2014

    I have no idea, I personally think it is a crutch for ppl….but thats ok. Do whatever feels good. I think its every man/woman for his/herself.

  4. hello T said on 28-02-2014

    Nothing is great about religion.

    What is great is having a saving RELATIONSHIP with God.

    What is great is having a fellowship RELATIONSHIP with believers in your community and in your world.

  5. Evan said on 28-02-2014

    Religion is so great because it calms the masses. When religion was new it quelled arguments becausse people all had to follow the same basic rules.

    Religion is not so great becaause it is a segregation. Once you become a Catholic, Baptists don’t like you. Futher even, become Muslim and Christians don’t agree with you. It seperates your sect form everyone else’s.

  6. ™Tootsie said on 28-02-2014

    I’m a Christian and to me, religion is not great in any way, shape or form. Religion is man made and corrupt. There’s a history of atrocities done in the name of God, under the guise of “religion.”
    To me a relationship with God is great!… and it’s customized to fulfilled each individuals needs. All kinds of religious rituals are not necessary to achieve a strong, personal relationship with the Lord. I reject titles nowadays because of the behavior associated with many “Christian” and other “religious” organizations.
    Have a great one! =)

  7. GodShew said on 28-02-2014

    Great: Baby-lon the GREAT (IMPure religion).
    Not sow Great: GREATER of Great/Greater.
    But of 3 things, only GREATEST “never faileth”.

    Let us move on, from (great–>greater)–>greatest.
    Let us move on, from (Jesus–>Christ)–>God-ward.

    Let us leave my father plays dominos better than your father;
    for such is the left/right sides war of a law law father on high.
    The only true God is in heaven above: higher than heavens.

    The grace(only) of our Lord Jesus->Christ with you->all. Amen.

  8. cynical said on 28-02-2014

    It gives you solace when nothing else can. The bad thing is it has too many rules that you can’t follow.

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