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Best Time To Exercise – CLICK This Link For The Exact 12 Minute Workout You Can Use With The Exercise “Timing” Tricks In This V…
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  1. Pieter Bel said on 08-03-2014

    Pure commercialism for his own website/routine/merchandise = Bullshit

  2. Danielle Judith said on 08-03-2014

    exercise in the am? is it okay to eat a lil something like protein before a
    by the way, i tried the run 30 sec walk 30×12. i actually enjoyed it.
    thanks. i will add this with my p90x work out

  3. oxSmoothxo said on 08-03-2014

    i cant lift when im “fasted”… lol i cant do too much when im fasted..

  4. qwer1681 said on 08-03-2014

    Hey Shaun, does this only imply for cardio exercise or does it also imply
    gym exercise? and should you consume a slow digesting protein before you
    sleep? Keep up the good videos

  5. Erik Meyr said on 08-03-2014

    when you say fasted state after waking up can you give me a little more
    detail. can i wake up and have a low insulin food like a apple to wake up?
    can i have a protein drink? glass of water? or absolutely no food or drinks
    period. tyvm. im trying to lose 75 ib so i can enlist in the military.
    already lost 25 in 3 weeks

  6. cool86gt said on 09-03-2014

    Great Info.. Thanks

  7. Katharine Hanna said on 09-03-2014

    Can i have black coffee and still achieve good results using ‘fasting’
    workouts? (I realise having anything including coffee breaks the fast, i
    just wondered how much it effects results)

  8. Rikki Mortel said on 09-03-2014

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    you’ve put together but wait until you discover the diet plan you could
    learn when you check out Sweet Weight Shredder… I shred 9 lbs in just one

  9. getleanin12 said on 09-03-2014

    Thanks! Keep it up!

  10. 08hulsi said on 09-03-2014

    is this good for keeping your muscle?

  11. TheProben333 said on 09-03-2014

    If you seriously want to burn up fat quickly, you should do a google search
    Exyph Fat Loss. That might help you get the body you deserve.

  12. mihai pavel said on 09-03-2014

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  13. jeremy rowe said on 09-03-2014

    Shaun’s the man,his advice has helped me lose 40lbs of fat, and add 10lbs
    of muscle.Keep it coming, and I’ll continue to implement it.

  14. getleanin12 said on 09-03-2014

    Glad you found us Maria! Keep us posted and let us know how it goes. We
    would love to hear from you.

  15. trickznmix said on 09-03-2014


  16. Prakash Bist said on 09-03-2014

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  17. ramrad2 said on 09-03-2014

    Thanks for the very informative video Shaun! I’ve been drinking whey
    protein shake before my workouts thinking that that will help with burning
    fat during my workout rather than muscle. Guess I better change that
    routine! =)

  18. Antonius Kristanto said on 09-03-2014

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  19. Motasim Billah said on 09-03-2014

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  20. anuj simkhada said on 09-03-2014

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  21. TheRn4lif said on 09-03-2014

    Hello, I just found this page today. I have physical limitations but I
    still want to lose fat and gain lean muscle, I have foot-drop in my right
    foot so I cant do a lot of exercises. I want to find alternative ways to
    accomplish my goals. Do you have any suggestions? thanks in advance.

  22. Christopher Krumholt said on 09-03-2014

    Very nice…

  23. Coco Blast said on 09-03-2014

    can you take bcaa’s or a pre-workout

  24. Maria Salazar said on 09-03-2014

    I definitely will, thanks 🙂

  25. getleanin12 said on 09-03-2014

    You can have black coffee…it will not break your fast. If you stay below
    50 calories by adding a tiny splash of milk or some stevia you’re still
    okay. Hope that helps! ~GL12

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