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Our world is getting bigger. Not just in numbers, but also in size. More specifically, America is a sole contributor to this horrible truth, that we are unde…

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  1. Wes H said on 17-03-2014

    Anyone else appreciate that scuba dive was before run? personally I would
    much rather dive before run any day.

  2. Julia Kleiner said on 17-03-2014

    Viva la pasta!

  3. David of the house of Chaffin said on 17-03-2014

    Mississippi is MS. MI is Michigan. It’s a shame you got that wrong, because
    it’s so easy to check it.

  4. Christy Walsh said on 17-03-2014

    I was really digging it until they used MI as the abbreviation for

  5. tjshirey said on 17-03-2014

    You see the USA kick butt in the Olympics every couple of years but if you
    spend some time in average America, you can see why we are 33rd.

  6. Newton Rocha said on 17-03-2014

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