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Treat diarrhea (diarrhoea) with natural home remedies using either lemon or cumin seeds. For complete information check this short video from http://www.home…

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  1. DarthLeapyous said on 18-03-2014

    da hecks a “stool”?

  2. nivlem131303 said on 18-03-2014

    i thought you will lose weight if you have LBM.. i gained 5lbs

  3. Tori The Narwhal said on 18-03-2014

    I have diarrhea because I have gastro ;-; 😛 

  4. Ivan Buratov said on 18-03-2014

    Good day! I’m Amanda.I did -25 lbs last 2 month.More here

  5. Maniacmadfaker said on 18-03-2014

    I’m still suffering what else could I try???

  6. TheArifjahan said on 18-03-2014

    Loose Motion ? Loose Motion is something different

  7. thesingeris10 said on 18-03-2014

    McDonald’s how could u

  8. jordan boehmer said on 18-03-2014

    mine is from banquet chicken, also never again

  9. Inder Sidhu said on 18-03-2014

    Panda Express…….. Never again

  10. detailsfromme said on 18-03-2014

    Yeahh.. your “friend” ;3

  11. Damon Dee said on 18-03-2014

    did it work fo you?

  12. Ricardo Richthofen Salazar said on 18-03-2014

    She’s Full of it Don’t listen to her!!!!!!! Dairy makes a lot things worse

  13. dollyshah611 said on 18-03-2014

    Very well presented.useful

  14. elton rivera said on 18-03-2014

    idk how to feel right now, I have explosive diarrhea but she’s sooo hot.

  15. Christon Taylor said on 18-03-2014

    Drink 20oz of warm Coca Cola. Thats it. Your Welcome.

  16. Callum Dunnington said on 18-03-2014

    my friend sam really needs this!

  17. thegreatman2008 said on 18-03-2014

    The best remedy I have tried is to eat unripe banana(green banana) at least
    one or two piece. Fasting I tried also and it works but you must eat only
    fruits after you broke your fasting.

  18. commeragh said on 18-03-2014

    but how long should you take this remedy for before you need to stop???

  19. William Deomano said on 18-03-2014

    You are so cute

  20. Millie Matthews said on 18-03-2014

    Diarrhea put weight on me and It’s been all week ;-;

  21. commeragh said on 19-03-2014

    thank you so much for your video, very informing and your very beautiful

  22. AxCxfortheWin said on 19-03-2014

    The first remedy made my diarrhea worse.

  23. BinkieMcFartnuggets said on 19-03-2014

    Diarrhea is a very serious issue that claims the lives of millions each

  24. jordan boehmer said on 19-03-2014

    But i bet she eats a lot of indian food, probably an upgrade

  25. Dalilah Serrano said on 19-03-2014


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