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How I Lost Weight WITHOUT Exercise or Diet

This is how I lost 25Kg/ 55Lb in 6 months without dieting or exercising! Hope you will find this video helpful, I’d love to hear your thoughts and see how yo…

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  1. beautyru5h said on 02-03-2014

    where do you get duromine pills?

  2. anatomyandneurobio said on 02-03-2014

    you are sooo00oo pretty

  3. AmosMoorekk said on 02-03-2014

    *Hello everyone! I’m really amazed with this product. I’ve lost a lot of
    weight for the past months. It’s really important to find the right

  4. Cool Dad Stuff said on 02-03-2014

    If you are careless enough about your body to take pills to lose weight,
    you should just do cocaine instead. It is probably cheaper. 

  5. Heather Newman said on 02-03-2014

    Losing weight is easy if you’re taking Garcinia Cambogia. After 3 weeks
    taking this weight loss pill, I’ve lost 15 pounds already. It’s truly
    amazing! I got it from Rushnutra too!

  6. Priyanka Zinzuwadia said on 02-03-2014

    Aren’t u silly. Start doing exercise. Instead of pills. Dhaaaa

  7. Samrajya Thapa said on 02-03-2014

    This almost-magical weight burning method burns pounds faster than any
    powders, pills, or potions. Copy And Paste into Google Skinnimaker System
    to find out more.

  8. Lenny Wang said on 02-03-2014

    Wow! You look so amazing! I’ve lost weight too when I tried Garcinia
    Cambogia. It’s so effective. I bought it from Rushnutra.

  9. Vishal maharzan said on 02-03-2014

    If you desire to burn fat, you should google Fat Blast Formula. That might
    help you get the body you deserve.

  10. jun alonzo said on 02-03-2014

    water really helps a lot….nice tip Abby..

  11. Marc w said on 02-03-2014

    I have received alot of PMs about how to lose weight safely and naturally.
    The easiest and most sustainable plan I would advocate would be to try
    fasting. Incoperate 1-2 days of 24hr fasting into your week(never back to
    back and allow 2 days between fasts). There are alot of systems but Id
    reccomend the “Eat Stop Eat” method of maintaining your caloric maintenance
    throughout the week and then on a day where you are innactive enough say a
    sunday, just stop eating. There are loads of health benefits and as long as
    you are continually lifting weights throughout the week (atleast 3
    days/week) you wont lose muscle mass. So my quick advice ..or “fast”
    advice :/ would be to start lifting some weights and take one day off
    dieting and fast. 

  12. skoolsuxalot said on 02-03-2014

    girl you got good boobs. The second I start losing any weight it comes from
    my boobs :/

  13. Yeates Lazzaro said on 02-03-2014

    how do I choose a healthy weight loss plan? I need advice pleeease

  14. maigida alice said on 02-03-2014

    Pls what’s the name of the pills you used?… I really need that.

  15. Chris Escalante said on 02-03-2014

    Awesome, how much excess weight could people lose? My dad shred 6 stone
    dieting with Fast Fat Furlong. Google it :)

  16. Da0Real0G said on 02-03-2014

    Women just talk about weights … men just put pictures 😉 

  17. Hala Nassouh said on 02-03-2014

    Has anyone on here been on Duromine before? If so, how much weight did you
    loose in one month?

  18. david mugisha said on 02-03-2014

    good you did not lose the rack, coz its a nice 1. where do you live in

  19. How to lose weight fast for women said on 02-03-2014

    Great story. Nice that you shared it!

  20. Sumon Khan said on 02-03-2014

    Man, I need to lose some weight, now. Have you heard of Belly Busting Box?
    My friend has lost 30kg to date by using it and highly recommends it. Not
    long ago I began and now have shed 5kg so far so I’m getting pretty psyched
    up. Search Search Engines for Belly Busting Box.

  21. GeOrGe K said on 02-03-2014

    You are so frickin lazy that you used motherfuckin pills 

  22. Gina DaUnicorn said on 02-03-2014

    can anyone get the pills ?

  23. Tsao Kibby said on 02-03-2014

    I want to lose weight can anyone help me

  24. Bendar Jophier said on 02-03-2014

    please someone translate for me what she did or write and i ll translate my
    english s not verry good thanks

  25. charleneluvable said on 02-03-2014

    congradulations ON DOING IT NATUARALLY. I didn’t want to loose weight
    using pills. A lot of people don’t understand they are risking their
    lives. I don’t believe in the garcinia pills or taking the pills you took
    at first. You show people you can do it naturally just learn to cut out
    certain things. A lot of people are posting ads on your site and they can
    be dangerous these pills. Healthy food is the best cure to obesity.

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