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Remove stretch marks with natural home remedies by using either apricots, aloe vera or lavender oil. For complete information check this short video from htt…

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  1. Garry Withavercoad said on 21-03-2014

    You can remove stretch marks, no matter if you’re man or woman, dark toned
    or light, over weight or underweight

  2. xxalexmxx7151 said on 21-03-2014

    Does lemon juice wprk? O.o i heard it does but idk i might try the appricot

  3. Far naazje said on 21-03-2014

    Did anyone try the aloe vera gel?

  4. AreYouSerious240 said on 21-03-2014

    +Christy Martin
    I totally agree with you! That symulast methods
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    it made my skin even more smoother and tighter.
    Thanks to that program offered by the site:
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    Wasnt frustrated purchasing this program. ;-]

  5. SkinLooks Younger said on 21-03-2014

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    Skin Care Products

  6. Zonia Mantilla said on 21-03-2014

    Anybody tested out the Strectozine Secrets (search on google)? We’ve heard
    several awesome things about popular stretch mark remover secrets.

  7. Rebecka Shafe said on 21-03-2014

    Is Strectozine Secrets helpful to completely remove your stretch mark
    naturally? I’ve learn a lot of good things about Strectozine Secrets (just
    search it on yahoo).

  8. Far naazje said on 21-03-2014

    Did anyone try the aloe vera gel?

  9. Mallak Duwaisan said on 21-03-2014

    i hope this works but i think that i will use the alo gell

  10. Homeveda - Home Remedies for You! said on 21-03-2014

    You may buy it from the store..

  11. aftereden93 said on 21-03-2014

    hi! mom thank u so much for this remedy

  12. Emily Toth said on 21-03-2014

    Her eyebrows are perfect :oo <3

  13. priya D said on 21-03-2014

    thank you I love thiz channel waiting 4 thiz since long….lol

  14. Samantha Smith said on 21-03-2014

    how to get ride of yeast i have bad yeast i tried almost every thing the
    doctor give me it came back plz help

  15. Nivedan Umapathy said on 21-03-2014

    i want to get rid of pimple within two weeks… pls tell me suggestion
    know… so that it will b useful

  16. ciaraj17 said on 21-03-2014

    Vaseline is a brand of petroleum jelly.

  17. unknownsilence6 said on 21-03-2014

    How long are we suppose to put the chamomile oil method on? do we put it on
    before going to bed and would we have to wash it off or is it like coconut
    oil and gets absorbed in the skin??A big thank you for uploading this
    remedy 🙂

  18. Homeveda - Home Remedies for You! said on 21-03-2014

    Use it regulary, say everyday for at least 6-8 weeks.

  19. Charlene Faraga said on 21-03-2014

    Can i use almond oil only?

  20. jeevanthi Dahanayaka said on 21-03-2014

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  21. simone zurie said on 21-03-2014

    Can u use the aloe vera oil instead

  22. John Rafael said on 21-03-2014

    cani mix 3 remedies in one? 🙂

  23. Igor Bushakov said on 21-03-2014

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  24. Anna Kahdejah said on 21-03-2014

    For yeast infection, douche the private with one table spoon of baking soda
    mixed with one cup of warm water. I’ll go away and tight the skin

  25. Robyn Herwill said on 21-03-2014

    I am a extrmely tall 13 year old girl and have noticed stretch marks by the
    sides of my hips and around my breast area… which will work best for
    this? Robyn

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