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Intermediate Basic Bar Body Weight Workout Calisthenics (10+ Exercises) Outdoor Routine The Basic Bar Workout involves many body weight exercises, and may re…

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  1. naseer ahmad said on 20-04-2014

    Exercise heals pretty much everything. I WOULD NEVER SEE A DOCTOR BEFORE

  2. Oscar Giovanni Serratos Gomez said on 20-04-2014

    Awesome, lets try this now! 

  3. David Peter said on 20-04-2014

    That fat man scraching his butt :S

  4. DamienKarras1 said on 20-04-2014

    What the heck is the guy on the left doing at 2:45 ?!?!?

  5. Logan Mathis said on 20-04-2014

    Great video! Subbed. Keep it up. Body weight is the way to go.

  6. Rajesh Kumar said on 20-04-2014

    Do you make these obvious mistakes in your workout regimen? Just google
    Ready Set Ripped to find out.

  7. Caal Saal said on 20-04-2014

    2:45 that guy trolling around or what ?

  8. Miguel Pereira said on 20-04-2014

    2:50 The Fat one scratching is ass on the bars….

  9. Ronaldo Paixao said on 20-04-2014

    Check out the guy scratching his but on the bar at 2:50.

  10. butch miller said on 20-04-2014

    wtf was that guy doin in between 2:59 and 3:10

  11. santos ezequiel said on 20-04-2014

    All exercices in 1 day?

  12. hayley houck said on 20-04-2014

    Dont forget about 3:20 also

  13. Luca M. said on 20-04-2014

    What is the guy doing in the background? 2:48

  14. scatbat12 said on 20-04-2014


  15. kylor sparks said on 20-04-2014

    is this oahu?

  16. Bosslaady Anderson said on 21-04-2014

    Avoid cranpankntwh the houses. 

  17. Adhyantoro Kusumo said on 21-04-2014

    Is he masturbating? 2:48

  18. Liutauras Lubickas said on 21-04-2014

    OMG that fat guy! :D

  19. danieljoelfitness said on 21-04-2014

    Good quality content bro. Check out our videos if you get the chance

  20. STDluvzHIPHOP said on 21-04-2014

    Yo Isaac, first i’d like to tell you that you really have a great body ! I
    just wanted to know how long did you trained to get this body, and how many
    times a week you train yourself. Please answer me 🙂

    btw sorry for my english I’m french…

  21. Tactical Calisthenics said on 21-04-2014

    Hey this Ala Moana Beach Park

  22. YugoRr said on 21-04-2014

    3:00 epic video bomb, scratching his buttox

  23. MrPartyguru said on 21-04-2014

    2:50 what is the guy in the back doing?

  24. gforcebreakin said on 21-04-2014


  25. jordan dains said on 21-04-2014

    I was wondering the same thing.. o.O

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