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Follow world-renowned fitness presenter Jane Wake through this bitesized workout for the exercise bike! Either follow the whole series for a full workout, or…
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  1. Abbey Kang said on 09-04-2014


  2. Laura Quiroga said on 09-04-2014

    Just need to find for any TV program to help me with breathing, heart rate,
    right, and a super inspiration of music

  3. speedwayman100 said on 09-04-2014

    i just bought a spinbike from sole this thing is solid very well built
    about 800.00 i know they make great treadmills nice looking machine too!

  4. billy donk said on 09-04-2014

    how effective would this be for my beer belly? only reason i got an
    exercise bike lol

  5. Lars Bo Berg said on 09-04-2014

    @facelessFungus …I also noticed this…a little embarrasing I think..!!

  6. shajahanvk9 said on 09-04-2014

    really good videos tanx………………

  7. Ellis Rutherford said on 09-04-2014

    As a spin instructor I must say the whole set up of their bike is totally
    wrong. Look how high the handlebars are. Set up like a stepper machine!

  8. dlmw93 said on 09-04-2014

    what spinning bike model do you use in this video?

  9. speedwayman100 said on 09-04-2014

    their seats are way too low

  10. Nicky Germain said on 09-04-2014

    WAY too much talking lol!!!!!

  11. Nadia Faye said on 09-04-2014

    The intro was way too long. This is more of a six minute workout.

  12. Zippy Poozelah said on 09-04-2014

    Exercise bikes get you a faster workout than swimming, though the workouts
    in the long run are better if you swim.

  13. nesmesnes said on 09-04-2014


  14. nicola reid said on 09-04-2014

    good workout and advice !!!:)

  15. thedarthvitor said on 10-04-2014

    bounce like that on a road bike and get your ass hurt. Gym instructors dont
    know anything about cycling, everything is wrong on this video, cadence,
    seat high, bar high, and even the workout

  16. sean guaring said on 10-04-2014

    whos here because matt&km haha

  17. João Paulo Freitas said on 10-04-2014


  18. BeeRich33 said on 10-04-2014

    Where can I buy that moving wallpaper?

  19. Chachuization said on 10-04-2014


  20. Franco Blackmountain said on 10-04-2014


  21. themadbatter said on 10-04-2014

    Enjoy your workout Kim.

  22. missesmelanie said on 10-04-2014

    over 4 minutes into the video and she is still just talking

  23. zomeos said on 10-04-2014

    I just bought a spin bike, the only complaint I have is that my ass hurts
    like Hell, is there something I can put on the seat, I feel as though
    someone is kicking me in the bum.

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