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Treat flatulence with natural home remedies by using either ginger or cardamom. For complete information check this short video from …
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  1. Hussain Miller said on 09-04-2014

    All the information you said is correct, but who can follow these steps

  2. gratefulnlearning said on 09-04-2014

    i appreciate all of your good remedies. Can’t believe all of these silly

  3. Brad Thompson said on 09-04-2014

    *Lately I noticed some people in Hangouts with ambient microphones that
    could really use this advice.* #hangouts #microphones #farts

  4. blackiebori said on 09-04-2014

    No, I am just very immature about flatulence, and I ADMIT IT!

  5. satyriasissss said on 09-04-2014

    I love 2 fart. More smelly, more better.

  6. gregarius1111 said on 09-04-2014

    Finally, a woman that understands me!!! What a hottie! She is probably
    already taken, though. Sigh… 🙁 But she recommends avoiding broccoli,
    cabbage, beans and cauliflower. Four foods that are anti-cancer and help
    prevent heart disease. So she must hate me. Or my gas. Maybe she wants my
    life insurance policy. But not my gas. I am going to divorce her.

  7. Canon Can said on 09-04-2014

    Are you 12?

  8. MARCOZR1 said on 09-04-2014

    haha so simple yet so funny

  9. blackiebori said on 09-04-2014

    I can’t watch this video with a straight face xD

  10. Ali Rana said on 10-04-2014

    I take “Herbal hearts GINGER CAPSULES” to prevent flatulence. It works
    really well. Flatulence can be very embarrassing and I was willing to do
    anything to get rid of this problem. Then I found and easy cure. Herbal
    hearts ginger capsules gave me complete relief! You guys must try it. I
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  11. Paul Schubert said on 10-04-2014

    Why would anybody want to stop farting? I thought this was a home brew to
    induce farts. Horrible.

  12. Darin Mayer said on 10-04-2014

    I farted about 3 times during this video

  13. TheMsadelaide said on 10-04-2014

    u have beautiful hair!!!

  14. tube or not tube said on 10-04-2014

    Amazing how she maintains a straight face during this video

  15. mashtee2003 said on 10-04-2014

    Research shows that up to 13-14 farts on a daily basis is totally normal!
    Please mention this in your next program.

  16. BinkieMcFartnuggets said on 10-04-2014

    My colon does not work well under pressure.

  17. canisleepwithyou said on 10-04-2014

    Brilliant bro..ha ha

  18. canisleepwithyou said on 10-04-2014

    She is so beautiful, she can pass gas on my face all the time. i think her
    farts would be my aromatherapy…

  19. J Rez said on 10-04-2014

    haha i wouldn’t trust what shes putting her drink, I just got done watching
    taboo and I’m pretty sure shes from India and they have crazy no proven
    medicines that they clam work.

  20. Zapper Zapped said on 10-04-2014

    Very appropriate music…

  21. shortthrow50 said on 10-04-2014


  22. masic78 said on 10-04-2014

    She is dying burst out laughing

  23. Jack Connors said on 10-04-2014

    DOUBLE!!!!!!! Dittto, Im Pushing as Watching, !!! Glad Im NOT The Only
    WACO(In a GOOD WAY) Brusssel spouts=Fart Pelllits!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  24. dcdweerawardhana said on 10-04-2014

    It would be a shame for you not to shed fat when these people accomplish it
    easily using “Fat Blast Formula” (check it out on Google).

  25. Jack Connors said on 10-04-2014

    Sore TRUE!!!!! Im with, Blackie!!!!! Our Own Fart Club, For susisfull,Over
    50,and Think Like kids!!!!!!!,,,LOL Thanks,,,

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