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Prevent split ends with natural home remedies using either eggs or bananas. For complete information check this short video from ! Vi…
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  1. Laxman Gurung said on 28-04-2014

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    never take advantage of it. Go google Fat Blast Furnace to unlock your
    weight loss potential.

  2. Annie Joel said on 28-04-2014

    is it true that honey can cause grey hair ?? i have heard frm many people

  3. Som Ebody said on 28-04-2014

    +Bhunvana Meera Umm I’m sorry .. : I used honey in my hair and no ,
    it didnt … but maybe if you mix it with somestuff that it doesnt get
    along with MAYBE … although i mix it with milk and its a great hair
    mask.. :D

  4. daleep singh said on 28-04-2014

    Just google Skinnimaker System and you’ll learn how some foods ‘explode’ in
    your stomach.

  5. rachmad soleh said on 28-04-2014

    Have you heard about Skinnimaker System? (Google it) It is a quick and easy
    way to melt fat fast.

  6. daleep singh said on 28-04-2014

    Just google Skinnimaker System and you’ll learn how some foods ‘explode’ in
    your stomach.

  7. sonal khurana said on 28-04-2014

    thank you i will get to trying these remides you are a life

  8. haircaretips said on 28-04-2014

    Bhuvana Meera is very good for the hair when applied topically over your
    scalp but in large amount, it makes the cells that produces pigments not to
    function properly leading to grey or white hair.

  9. weR3kids said on 28-04-2014

    Do these remedies work?

  10. sjaycee408 said on 28-04-2014

    I just did the egg,honey,milk,banana mask and it was horrible I couldn’t
    get the banana out and am now losing tons of hair……BEWARE I think am
    going to be bald.

  11. qa said on 28-04-2014

    And you say maybe ..” maybe 2-3 times a week to do Thks. Are you sure? Why
    is it maybe?

  12. radika suman said on 28-04-2014

    by using honey wont we get white hairs?? someone told honey ll make a white

  13. Betty Pretty said on 28-04-2014

    For best eyelash grow use natural castor oil I tried it and now my lashes
    looking so long as if I’m using mascara but do it over night or u will feel
    like oily eye LOL

  14. michesoundz96 said on 28-04-2014

    u should make a vid of how you do your eye brows

  15. Angelie Mae said on 28-04-2014

    Can u do a hair moisture video.plss.

  16. Volgogrado4ka said on 28-04-2014

    Anything, only not banana.Banana can’t be washed away from my hair. When I
    tried to wash it, I was afraid that it is necessary to cut off all my hair
    – hair stuck together and turned into a bast

  17. kittenlove84 said on 28-04-2014

    i really dont want to cut my hair cuz then it would be so short…

  18. Anitha Paulose said on 28-04-2014


  19. syeda zeenath said on 28-04-2014

    should i apply this twice or trice a week

  20. Gucci Flora said on 28-04-2014

    is it okay if i use my almond oil on my hair after bath ?? is it harmful
    and i do use mild shampoo

  21. Gayathri Durairaj said on 28-04-2014

    hi i’m gayathri from tamil nadu…..i’ve a small doubt u ‘ve used honey for
    hair n some of ur videos… tat honey gud for hair….. but some people
    believe tat honey may tend to change the hair to white color.plz give me a

  22. CuteChic011 said on 28-04-2014

    I love your accent!

  23. Palemiracle said on 28-04-2014

    I don’t use a hair dryer or hair straighteners or any heat devices for
    hair, and the last time I dyed my hair (only ends) was last July and I cut
    off the dyed part later. I used to live in a cold humid country with little
    sun and my hair has always been very healthy, but almost as soon as I moved
    to California, I got an enormous amount of split ends and breaking hair. My
    hair also lost some of the pigmentation and now some parts are blond and
    some are dark brown.

  24. heretohelp30 said on 28-04-2014

    I do this all the time with either cocunut oil or olive oil but i really
    like cocunut oil u can also use avacado oil it does NOT have to be almond
    oil oh and btw DO NOT USE BANANA it gets stuck in your hair and makes your
    hair smell even after the next time u wash it

  25. J. Ovalle said on 28-04-2014

    or should I say a LOT extra… haha

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